Summer Camp for 15 days was organized  for the students of classes IV to XII in the school premises.

Various courses of arts were offered to the students. These included Vocal Music,  Instrumental  Music, Classical dance, Semi-Classical dance and Zumba.

 Students participated in Vocal Music where Ms. Nidhi  Khani , Music Teacher,  taught the importance of music in everyone’s life and practical knowledge of Hindustani classical musicIn Instrumental  Music,  students enthusiastically took  part and learnt Sargamas and its different patterns, Motivational song and Krishna bhajan from Ms. Nidhi Khani.

In Classical and Folk dance, Mrs. Madhumita Sen trained  students by teaching Hand- gestures, Ek taal, Teen taal, aerobics, a dance on Tagore’s song, Kathak dance , Bihu dance and semi-classical dance. Students also  learnt Semi-Classical dance and Zumba from Mrs. Mamta Shrivastava. The camp gave them an opportunity to learn, develop and refine their skills.