A workshop on “National consumer day” was conducted by Neptune House on 26.12.18 to make children and teachers aware of their basic rights as consumers.
The session was addressed by advocate Mr Gaurav Kocchar who has been practicing corporate and commercial law since 2004.
Firstly, he informed the students that National Consumer Day is celebrated every year on 24 Dec with specific theme. The theme for year is “Making Digital Market Places Fairer.”
E commerce has transformed the way the people shop, giving consumers more choice than ever before. But the consumers are worried about online payment, deceptive labelling and exchange of products etc. He explained different acts to protect consumers from online frauds and scams.
He acquainted the students with basic consumer rights provided by Govt. of India under the Consumer Protection Act.
Students were involved in a discussion by asking questions related to their own or their parent’s experiences. The students who answered well or asked relevant questions were rewarded too. They were also motivated to put forth their doubts and queries.
Overall the session was simple to understand and was interactive. The workshop helped create awareness with the motive of transforming citizens into valuable consumers.


The Middle Wing of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden observed Constitution Day on 5th December, 2018 in the morning assembly. The aim of the programme was to acquaint and enlighten the students about the meaning, importance and salient features of the Indian Constitution.
A group of students from Uranus House conducted a quiz for students of Class V, VI nd VII through which the history of the drafting of Indian Constitution and its importance for the Indian citizens was explained. They further elaborated the fundamental rights and duties of Indian citizens through placards.
The students displayed great zeal and enthusiasm to participate in the quiz. The programme was praised by one and all.


On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a group of 24students and 3 teachers of Middle Department , Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden visited Amar Jyoti Research and Rehabilitation Centre, Delhi on 4th December, 2018. Dr. (Mrs) Uma Tuli, Founder and Managing Secretary of Amar Jyoti welcomed our students and offered them biscuits prepared by the students of the institution.

Our students were shown the classrooms and various departments like cutting and tailoring, art and craft, jewellery section, library, etc.

Our students presented an action song in front of the special children. The students of Amar Jyoti performed Bhangra. Our students interacted and played with them. They learned their sign language and shared their experiences. The students purchased jewellery, folders , carry bags and pottery items created by the special children.

Back at school the students shared their experience with Founder Principal Dr.(Mrs.) Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma. They motivated the students to emulate all that they have learnt and encouraged them to work for the upliftment of the society. It was indeed a great learning experience for the students.


A special assembly was organized for Middle department students to commemorate the birthday of this eminent freedom fighter.
The celebrations commenced with a group of students presenting ‘Glimpses of India’ depicting , culture, languages , dresses , dance and cuisines of the different states . Students dressed up in traditional attires, spoke the native language and acquainted the audience with the important historical places and cuisines of the state they represented.

It was followed by an enthralling dance performance , wherein a group of students beautifully decked up, mesmerized the audience, depicting the diversity in various cultures in India through their dance .The whole school campus reverberated with patriotic fervor .Followed by this, ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ pledge was administered in the assembly to reinforce the idea of unity and oneness among the students. The celebrations aimed at paying a heartfelt tribute to Sardar Patel for his veritable contribution in unifying our country.
Founder Principal , Dr.(Ms.) Manik Barsaley , Principal , Dr. S.K.Sharma and Headmistress , Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay appreciated the students for their efforts .


To foster worldwide cooperation insolving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems, Middle Department of Greenfields Public School observed the day of United Nations in the school premises on October 25th, 2018. The students of class VII presented an informative show to promote United Nations as the messenger of peace. They exhibited the logo of United Nations Organization and enacted its six main organs, some specialized agencies and also represented some member states who originally signed the charter of United Nations. Moreover, the students also comprehended the importance of such an international organization which has a motto to maintain peace and security in the world and to develop friendly relations, feeling of brotherhood and fraternity amongst the nation states. An action song on United Nations was played which sent a wave of enthusiasm and unity in the students.


Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden , Middle Department celebrated the birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on 15th October, 2018 in the school premises . To commemorate the day, a plethora of activities were hosted by Jupiter house.
The students paid their tribute to the ‘Missile Man’ and exhibited their latent talent by preparing lifelike sketches of Dr.Kalam. Likewise, students of classes VI and VII prepared realistic replicas of the famous missiles developed by Dr. Kalam. were put on display and highly appreciated by everyone. The display intended at familiarising the students with the exemplary life of Dr. Kalam.
As a part of the celebrations, a Power Point presentation based on the life of this legendary leader was shown to the students of classes V and VI. The Power Point presentation aimed at acquainting the students with the life events of Dr. Kalam, depicting his journey from a newspaper boy to a scientist and the struggles and hardships that he endured to reach the acme of his profession. On the whole, the event proved to be very enriching for the students.



The school celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri in the school premises on 3rd October , 2018 with great sprightliness and high spirits. A special assembly was organised by Jupiter House to commemorate the birth anniversary of these two legendary leaders who sacrificed their lives to free our country from the shackles of British Government. Ali and Utkarsh from Jupiter House impersonated as Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, addressed the audience and acquainted the students with their philosophy and ideals in life. They shared life changing incidents to encourage them to follow the path of righteousness. To inspire the students to take ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’ seriously , a group of girls enthralled the audience and cheered their spirits up by presenting a stunning dance performance on ‘Swachhta ki jyot jagi re’. It was an enriching experience for the students.


To give due respect to the elderly people, Mars House (Middle Department), celebrated Grandparents Day on September 6, 2018 at Greenfields public School, Dilshad Garden. The celebration unfolded with thoughtful activities wherein the students of class V were given the onus to make beautiful photoframes for their grandparents and the students of class VI were entrusted with the task to write thanks giving letters and messages for their role, immense love showered upon and unmatchable experience shared by their grandparents with them. The students of class VII were shown a set of videos which put forth the unconditional love and sacrifices of grandparents for their grandchildren. It was followed by a class discussion, based on mushrooming of modernization and as a consequence, the emergence of nuclear families. The central focus of this celebration was to rekindle the unbreakable bond between two different generations.


As per the directions issued by CBSE, Swachchta Pakhwada was observed at Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, which unfolded with myriad activities for the fortnight i.e. August 16,2018 to August 31,2018. Although, all the activities aimed at sensitizing the young broods to join hands in the making of a healthy and clean nation yet the rally inclusive of a power packed street play, hand wash day and motto song of Swachch Bharat Mission caught everyone’s attention. Greenarians were very clear to give the message of swachchta to the people in the vicinity during the rally through impactful slogans and the street play. ‘Shram Daan’ was also witnessed wherein, not only students, but also Incharges and teachers set in a wonderful example for all. The other highlights of the Pakhwada were hygiene and sanitation articles’ making activity, swachchta ambassador’s album making activity, PPT and videos. The pakhwada also aimed at creating awareness about the progress and targets to be achieved for making India clean. A special session for PPTs and videos, laying stress on the role that is being played by the government and duties that citizens must be obliged to, was also held in all the sections of class V, VI and VII.
The Headmistress Mrs. P. Upadhyay and Incharge Mrs. Sudha Chadha addressed the students in the morning assembly and urged them to practice what they have learnt through the activities conducted under Swachchta Pakhwada. The Swachchta Wave successfully reached the shore with the Cleanliness Oath taken by all to establish a ‘Prosperous Nation’.
The Founder Principal Dr. M. Barsaley and the Principal Dr. S.K Sharma instructed the students to play the key role in the making of clean and healthy India.



On the occasion of 72nd Independence Day (15th August) the day of sovereignty, the students of ‘Neptune House’ of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden presented a power packed programme with great patriotism and enthusiasm.

The programme aimed at informing the students about the historical background, significance and relevance of the national festival.

The Deputy Director of Education, Zone VI, Mr. Virender Singh Meena  and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Meena, Lecturer Political Science and NSS coordinator graced the occasion with their benign presence. The Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma, Vice Principal Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Headmistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhayay welcomed the guests by presenting planters mementos. Neptune House students honored the dignitaries with tri-colour sashes to mark the spirit of the day.

A skit titled “India of Our Dreams” recreated the Wagah Border scene with the aim to spread brotherhood and harmony amongst all the students. This was followed by a dance on the medley of Patriotic songs.

The Audience wore tri-colour caps, signifying the importance of freedom and respect for tri-colour. The school corridors were decorated with tri-colour flags. Posters and chakras (wheel). Founder Principal Dr. Manik Barsaley appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged them to live in peace, harmony and unity. The guests blessed and appreciated the students.


Van Mahotsav Fortnight was celebratd by students of GPS, with enthusiasm from 1st August to 14th August 2018 in the school campus. The celebration was an ideal opportunity to instil the value of social responsibility among the students to safeguard trees and forest. It began with a pledge to save and care for the plants.

All students of class V participated in admirable poem writing and made beautiful bookmarks related to nature. Messages on the bookmarks left everyone to ponder upon and raised awareness about the benefits of plantation. Class VI students participated in other activities like skit, slogan writing, reuse of newspapers for making dustbin bags which students enjoyed using inside and outside classrooms.

Class VII students participated in poster making to promote environmental awareness, each poster had a unique story to tell and spread the message that the green planet they live in must be protected and cared for. Students built ingenious Vertical Garden using air purifying plants in school premises and also visited the neighbourhood area to donate saplings and educate masses on importance of our natural surroundings. An educative and informative movie, “Trees” was also showcased in the classes which led to heartfelt discussions on need to save greenery on earth.

A remarkable Valedictory function was carried out on 14th August in which students wearing dazzling sashes and headgears depicting “Defenders of Nature” performed a mesmerising song “Earth is My Home” and a soulful dance on “Stop Plastic”. Founder Principal Dr (Ms) Manik Barsaley, Principal S.K. Sharma and other dignitaries Sh Virender Singh Meena, Deputy Director of Education Zone and Sh Sanjeev Kumar Meena planted saplings in the school premises. It was a very  educative and informative programme for the students.


Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden with elation celebrated the momentous occasion of 71st Anniversary of Independence and 76th Anniversary of Quit India Movement on 8th August, 2018. Venus House (Middle Dept.) organized an ‘Art and Craft’ activity on 8th August, 2018 on the theme of Independence Movement for classes V to VII. The students participated actively and showed immense pleasure in making tricolor flags, birds and flowers.

Quit India Movement Skit

On the historic occasion of the commemoration of 76th Anniversary of Quit India Movement 1942, Venus House students staged a skit on Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi.

The skit also emphasized on the importance of Dandi March that proved to be a turning point in the history of India’s Independence. The glimpses of Quit India movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi were presented by the students. A rally by the students dressed in attire of freedom fighters signified the freedom struggle and created a feeling of patriotism among the students.

Thus the activities brought the feeling of patriotism and fetched regard to secure sovereignty and democratic pursuits.

The programme was highly appreciated by Founder Principal Dr. (Ms.) Manik Barsaley, Principal Dr. S.K Sharma and Headmistress, Ms. Purnima Upadhyay. They lauded the efforts put in by the students.


Friendship day is one of the most awaited day among the students to express their feelings to their loved ones. To celebrate friendship day, Venus House (Middle Dept.) scheduled a band making activity on 4th Aug, 2018 for the students of classes V to VII . All their creative ideas came out brilliantly while making friendship day bands by themselves to express their love for their best friends. Their cheerful and glowing faces proved how much they were enjoying this funfilled activity. It was a funfilled day where old friends were remembered and new friendship was cherished.


World Red Cross Day, an important day in the history of mankind was celebrated by the Middle department on 9th May 2018 in the school premises.
World Red Cross Day was celebrated in school to honor the founder of International Red Cross Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant.
Saturn House students presented a skit on the World Red Cross Day theme 2018 ‘Memorable Smiles From Around The World’.
The skit emphasized that every blood donor is a hero. The skit taught that we should be the reason one feels secure and also to keep the standards of humanity high and to forget selfish interests in the times of need.
A PPT was also shown in classes to promote the principles of Red Cross Society.


International Labour Day was observed on 2nd May, 2018 by the Middle Department, Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden.
Saturn House students presented hand made ‘Thank You’ cards, Rose buds and chocolates to the fourth class employees of the school as a mark of respect and appreciation for their efforts.
‘Work is Worship’ is the idea behind the observation of this day telling us that all labour-manual or otherwise is full of dignity and nobility. No profession by itself is dignified or undignified, superior or inferior. So no person who himself does any work is to be looked down upon. It was a small step to make them self-reliant and self-sufficient.
In tandem with the above, they were asked to bring dusters on 1st May 2018 to do their bit of cleaning the classrooms thus encouraging them to do manual work and also to develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards the efforts of labour.


World Dance day was celebrated in the school premises on 27th April, 2017 with full vigour and enthusiasm. Mrs. Madhavi Mudgal, a renowned classical Odissi danseuse associated with Spic Macay graced the occasion with a team of dancers and percussionists. They were accorded a worm traditional welcome by the Founder Principal- Dr. Manik Barsaley, Principal- Dr. S.K Sharma and the students.
The programme commenced with the lighting of lamp to expel the darkness and evoke the blessings of Lord Almighty. Mrs. Madhavi shared with the students and teachers her versatile erudition of oddisi and performed on ‘Saratna’- a Mangal Charan art followed by ‘Sankra Barnam’- a pure Odissi dance. Her abhinay of Priya Geet on Pranav Sangini was soul stirring. The performances were vibrant and the audience were becharmed by her grace and poise.
The programme culminated with a lively interaction session with the guest.


The students of GPS celebrated World Dance Day on 26th April 2018 in its premises. On the occasion of World Dance Day students presented riveting dance performances on foot tapping music which mesmerized one and all. ‘Ardh Nareshwara’- a composite androgynous form of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati was beautifully presented by the students. The performances left the audience awe-struck.


To sensitize the students towards the ailing mother earth and to demonstrate the support for environment protection, Earth Day was celebrated on 21st April, 2018. The day saw the students’ participation in a medley of educational and fun activities.
Celebrations began with Badge Making activity by class X students, on each badge was inscribed the earth day pledge. While a documentary film ‘Climate Change’ was screened for the students of class IX which promoted the idea that together we can make every day Earth Day, class VIII indulged in Poster Making on the ‘possibilities of saving earth and restoring its health’. They expressed their thoughts in the form of beautiful and meaningful slogans.
A group of class XII students visited Yamuna Diversity Park along with Mr. P.K Kaushik- PGT Physics, Ms. Anita Bhatia- PET with the aim of highlighting the importance of Ecosystem, conservation of nature and maintaining ecological balance. The celebrations concluded with the belief that students would respect their natural inheritance and be good care takers of the planet Earth.


Greenfields Public School, Middle Department celebrated Earth Day with myriad of educational and fun activities.
Banners and colorful charts were put up, reading “Go-Green” and “End Plastic Pollution” to create awareness among the students.
On 19th April, children were informed about the harmful effects of plastic on Earth and how marine life is under threat due to marine plastic pollution. An English action song was presented on the stage that called for the protection of the Earth.
A Nukkad Natak depicting the plight of mother Earth and suggesting different ways to save it, was also presented on stage by a group of students.
On 21st April class wise group activities were organized in the school. Class V made a model of globe with slogan “Our-Globe-Our Concern”.
Class VI made a Graffiti wherein students painted their thoughts on nature conservation.
Class VII students prepared a food platter in groups to mark the day. They prepared veggie tray, fruit snacks in the shape of a tree, landscape, rainbow, butterfly etc. The children and the teachers took a pledge to take good care of planet Earth.
Headmistress Ms. Purnima Upadhyay and Incharge Ms. Sudha Chaddha interacted with the students and discussed different ways to protect the earth.
Founder Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma applauded the efforts of the children and the teachers.


World Heritage Day was celebrated in the school premises for class VIII to X on 19th April’18. For Class VIII ‘’Just A Minute Activity’’ on the topic of World Heritage Sites in India was conducted in Library. Class IX prepared the posters on the topic ‘’Seven Wonders Of The World’’. Poster making activity was conducted on third floor. Class X made the monuments of Indian Heritage Sites.

The best posters and monuments were exhibited on first floor. The students showcased praise worthy talent and implemented the activities successfully.


On 16th April, 2018 the School celebrated its 53rd Foundation Day with great zest. Floral tributes were offered to - Late Shri R. R Joshi ji, our revered (Bauji).
The special assembly for classes VIII to XII saw a spectrum of colorful dance performances while the school song ' Greenfields we love you' echoed in the school premises. The classical group dance was a delight to the eyes whereas the special attraction was the energetic and powerful Bhangra performed by the students of senior wing. Entire Greenfields campus was adorned with smiles and zeal of celebrations.
All the students greeted and wished the Founder Principal -Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr. S. K. Sharma and elucidated their love in the form of beautiful bouquets and wonderful handmade cards. The energy and passion of students was visible in the performances they staged. The staff and students looked forward to the cake cutting ceremony which added fervor to the celebrations.
The day ended on a beautiful note with releasing of balloons amid loud cheer with an inspiring message 'I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep!


GPS organized a workshop on World Health Day on 7th April’18. The Guest speakers -Dr Faiz, Counselor and Mr. Roshanlal Jha, Manager, CIPLA explicated on the topic- Hand Hygiene, Pollution and Respiratory Diseases. Dr. Faiz through a Power Point presentation focused on the reasons of maintaining hygiene and the necessity to wash hands regularly. He also focused on causes of allergy and the precautions to be taken in this context. He stressed that most of the allergies and respiratory diseases are caused due to pollution.
The workshop concluded with an interactive session. The students raised questions about day to day health issues faced by them.
On this occasion Class VIII made colourful and meaningful badges. IX class students actively participated in balloon blowing activity to develop and strengthen their lungs which conveyed a clear message that health indeed is wealth.

UNICEF (12-12-2017)

Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden observed UNICEF day on 12th December 2017 in the classes through a power point presentation. The students of middle department were shown this presentation by the class teachers which contained a detailed information about the history, aim and objectives, need and functioning of the organisation. It was followed by a question answer session where the doubts and queries of the students were taken up.

The Headmistress Mrs.Purnima Upadhyay and Incharge Mrs. Sudha Chadha interacted with the students and gave them the message to learn, participate and socialize and develop their full potential.

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY (12-12-2017)

Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden observed Human Rights Day on 12th December 2017 in its premises through an interactive power point presentation for the classes 5th to 7th in zero period in the classes. The students were informed about the relevance of Human Rights in everyone's life and the values attached with them. They were informed about the human rights entitled to everyone. Some of the rights explained in detail to the students were right to freedom of thought, expression, social security, right to democracy and public assembly etc.

The logo of the human rights, UN was also shown and explained to the students. The session ignited the students' mind and helped them to understand how United Nations Organisation empower them all. They were able to understand the significance of their rights and duties. A quiz was also conducted by the class teachers after showing them the PPT so as to test their knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Ms. Purnima Upadhyay, Headmistress and Ms. Sudha Chadha, Incharge interacted with the students and guided them to study the history, role and function of United Nations.


In a diverse country like India it is difficult to accommodate a variety of cultures , languages, religions, castes etc. and run the country smoothly. Hence the constitution of India came into being in January 26,1950  with the purpose to ensure equality, tranquility , fraternity and frictionless  governance .Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden registered  the celebration of the Constitution Day on November 28,2017 in the morning assembly. A group of students from class VII exhibited a knowledge enriching session through which the preamble, fundamental rights and duties, history of its making and other salient features of our constitution were accentuated. In addition, mass pledge of the preamble was taken up by all which effused the feeling of patriotism. Moreover, a quiz competition was organized on November 29,2017 in zero period that helped students to refresh and enhance their knowledge pertaining to the making and implementation of the constitution. In the end The Founder Principal Dr. Manik Barsaley, the Principal Dr. S.K Sharma, Head Mistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay and Incharges also addressed the students on the importance of having a written constitution and of being a secular, socialist, democratic and republic country.


National Integration Day is celebrated by people to impart knowledge about the importance of integration and its values for the welfare of the people. Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden celebrated National Integration day in its premises on November 21 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first woman Prime Minister of India- Indira Gandhi. The celebration began with the musical skit prepared by students to focus on the equality of all religions and to promote the feeling of togetherness and oneness among students. A special function was organised to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the nation. To make students aware about different cultures and their traditions a fun filled fashion show was performed by the students which enthralled the audience. The performance was appreciated by one and all. Their beautiful attire and different patriotic songs kept the audience captivated throughout.
Greenarians presented glimpses of varied cultures and traditions on one stage. It was celebrated by the students with great patriotic fervor.


Children’s Day celebrations in GPS focused on children and their enjoyment and to pay tribute to our beloved First Prime Minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru popularly known as cha-cha. The day was celebrated with grand splendour and fiesta which began with a special assembly wherein Mars House students presented a skit which was inspired by the real life of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru & a colourful dance performance which energized everyone. Teachers also surprised the students with a cultural performance dedicated to them. In addition, Tele Matches like Pass the Ball, Fill the Bucket etc. & Tug of War were organized for classes V, VI & VII. A group of students sought blessings of the Founder Principal Dr. Manik Barsaley, the Principal Dr. S.K Sharma and the Headmistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay and presented rose flowers to them. They guided the students to remain optimist in every situation. The day commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. It was a fun- filled day for the students.


Greenfields Public School commemorated Vigilance Awareness Week on the theme ‘My Vision –Corruption Free India’ on 30th October, 2017 in the school premises with great spirit and enthusiasm. Mr. Rajan Chabbra, Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner and Mr. Kamlesh, Enforcement Officer were the guests of honour. The celebrations began with a Ganesh Vandana gracefully presented by a group of students. It was followed by a didactic Nukkad Natak which effectively portrayed the corruption related practices, causes and gravity of and the threat posed by corruption to our society. The street play was an eye-opener as it highlighted the evils of corruption in a very subtle manner. It was followed by a story-telling session where the students narrated stories which highlighted the ill-effects of corruption and the ways to tackle it. The students who participated in Poster Making Competition were awarded by Employees Provident Fund Office.
The programme was highly appreciated by the chief guests, the founder Principal, Dr. (Ms.) M. Barsaley, the Principal Dr. S.K Sharma, Vice Principals, Mr Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs Pooja V. Barsaley , Headmistress , Mrs P. Upadhyay and Incharges. The chief guests lauded the efforts put in by the students to create awareness amongst the audience regarding the evils and perils posed by corruption and also how to deal with this issue. Overall , the event was knowledge enriching .


October 24th is celebrated as the United Nations Day all over the world. It is an international organization that was established in the year 1945 with the idea to promote world peace and security. The United Nations is the hope and conscience of the world. To promote tolerance and live together in peace with one another and to save the common interest, Greenfields Public School observed the importance of UN day celebration in the school premises on October 24th ,2017. The students of class 7th put up an informative show to promote United Nations as the messenger of peace. They exhibited the logo of United Nations which represents the world map and the flags of permanent members of the security council and some of the member states who originally signed the charter of United Nations. Overall the programme ignited students’ mind and helped them to understand how United Nations functions as the ‘Global Government’. Moreover, the students also comprehended the importance of such an international organization which has a motto to maintain peace and security in the world and to develop friendly relations ,feeling of brotherhood and fraternity amongst the nation states. The Founder Principal Dr. Manik Barsaley, the Principal Dr. S.K Sharma, Vice - Principals Mr. Vibhu Shrotiya and Mrs. Pooja Barsaley and Head Mistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay lauded the participants and guided them to study the history, functions and future United Nations at length.


It is difficult to describe Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in words. He was not only a great scientist but also a poet, a humanitarian and a gifted teacher who led an exemplary life and has become a living inspiration for everyone. Seeing his ardent love for children and adoration towards teaching, the United Nations organization declared his birth anniversary as World Students’ Day. To mark the eminence of this day a special assembly was organized by Mars House on October 13,2017 wherein the students of Middle Department recited poems composed by DR. APJ Abdul Kalam and exalted him by singing an inspirational song ‘ Kalam Tujhe Salam’.A set of heterogeneous activities was also organized which began with showing a short animated video and power point presentation based on the life , history and achievements of Dr. Kalam to the students and it was followed by a class discussion and a short quiz during zero period.In addition to it, the students of class V, VI and VII made sketches of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam , wrote his inspirational quotes and messages on ‘Our Wall,Your Inspiration’. In closing part of the programme the students of class VII exhibited non-working models of the missiles launched by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to Founder Principal Dr. Mrs. Manik Barsaley, Principal DR. Mr. S.K Sharma , Vice Principals Mrs. Pooja Barsaley & Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Head Mistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay. They quizzed the students about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s life, history and accolades earned. Everyone was enthralled by the incredible efforts put in by the students to mark the celebration of ‘World Students’ Day’. The Founder Principal and the Principal applauded students and advised them to seek inspiration from Dr. Kalam’s life and implement his principal teachings in their lives.

Birth Centenary Celebrations of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay........

Middle Department of Greenfields Public School Celebrated  Birth  Centenary of Panditji on 12th September 2017 with aplomb and zeal. To pay tribute to the contributions made by Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Venus House, conducted a special assembly with a purpose to create awareness among the students about his work and  life. A group of students threw light on his philosophy and exemplory works. They also talked about his vision towards life. Through a poem, Manasvi of VI-D enlightened everyone about   Panditji‘s life. She focused on the fact that he was a learned scholar, philosopher, economist, historian, selfless social worker and   a great asset to India. A Fancy dress competition was also organized for the students of class V, VI, VII where students, dressed up as famous personalities of India introduced themselves in such a way that the unique traits of those personalities were highlighted. The event was surely a step to bring awareness among students about this great leader and his principles.  Head Mistress Ms. Purnima Upadhyay encouraged the students to follow his principles and philosophy in their own lives and derive inspiration from his life.





Grandparents’ day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on 8th September, 2017 by the students of Middle Department. To commemorate this day, Venus House organized a card making activity for the students of class V, VI and VII. The students enthusiastically participated in the activity and made exquisitely beautiful cards expressing their immense love and reverence for their grandparents. The students poured out their feelings in the form of heart touching poems, photos, collages and messages. The class teachers discussed with the students the significance of invaluable presence of grandparents in our families and the link they established between past and present. 

It was indeed a great event showcasing children’s great love and respect for their grandparents. 



Let us remember that one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai


The students of Middle Department celebrated Teacher’s Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The day started with giving a floral tribute to Dr. Saravpalli Radha Krishnan, the former President of India, the great architect of the society and a model teacher of the nation. The students of Neptune House presented cards and bouquets to the Principal, Dr. S.K. Sharma and the Founder Principal, Dr. Ms. Manik Barsaley and expressed their gratitude and thankfulness by applying ‘Tilak’ on teachers’ forehead.

 A short biography of Dr. Saravpalli Radha Krishnan was shown to the students of classes V, VI & VII. The film included his philosophy, his awards, his political career and his message for the teachers of the society. The teachers then discussed with the students about the life & achievements of  Dr. Radha Krishnan. Neptune house organized different activities such as book mark making and card making for the students of classes VI and VII respectively. The students participated in these activities with full energy and excitement. The students of class VI made attractive book marks with inspiring quotes on them for their teachers. Class VII students prepared beautiful and vibrant cards appreciating their teachers. The best cards and book marks made by the students were appreciated and awarded first, second, third and consolation prizes by the Headmistress, Ms. Purnima Upadhyay.

 The Results Are As Follows:-

Greeting Card Making Competition:

Class VII

1st Suhana                                   VII G

2nd Varun Arora                           VII D

3rd Arpit Verma                           VII B

Consolation - Maitri Das              VII I

Book Mark Making Competition :

Class VI

1st Divyansh                                VI F

2nd Gaurav                                  VI B

3rd Sanchi                                    VI C

Consolation - Aryan Upadhyay    VI A


“Teachers are the unique personalities who encourage the students to do extraordinary things”. Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden celebrated the Teachers’ Day on 5th September, 2017. All the students took the blessings of Respected Founder Principal Ma’am, Principal Sir, Incharges, and teachers and presented Bouquets, Buds and cards as their token of love. Students always look forward to Teachers’ Day with a lot of anticipation and all the children participated in various activities with great zeal to commemorate this pious day.

The students of class 8th recited solemnizing ‘Dohas’ to ignite the blessings of almighty and to exhibit reverence for their teachers. They enchanted everyone with their euphonious voice, rhythm, pitch and pronunciation. They revived the wisdom of ancient literature and filled the ambience with excitement and fervor. The students of class 9th rendered everyone spellbound with their magnanimous talent. Each class was entitled to research about various educationists enlisted against their class and enacts the role- play of the respective educationist. Some renowned educationists were enlisted including Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and Swami Vivekananda etc.  All the students depicted the teachings of these prominent reformists very realistically and each one of them was praised for their prolific content, diction, body language and confidence. The students of class 10th and 11th also displayed their artistic talent extensively by making embellishing cards and Book Marks respectively.

All the students made the celebrations splendid and showed their gratitude to the teachers for their altruistic devotion. They thanked their teachers for providing them knowledge and incessant support. It was a didactic day full of fun and frolic.



“Champions keep playing until they get right”

Bille Jean King

National Sports Day in India is celebrated every year on 29th August to commemorate the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand, a legendary figure in the Indian and world hockey. Sports infuse confidence and creative thinking among the students. They give a sense of identity and develop mental and physical toughness. To mark the occasion, a documentary film on legend Major Dhyan Chand was shown to the students in zero period by Neptune House, Middle Department.

Indoor Games Championship for the students of class V, VI & VII was also organized to highlight the importance of the day.

All the students were trained in chess, carrom and plot 4 in their respective classes during P.T periods in the month of August.

Best four players (2 Boys + 2 Girls) from class V and VI and best eight players (4 Boys + 4 Girls) from class VII were selected from each section. Their final match was held on 29.08.17. All the finalists were excited, focussed and in good form on this day.

All the students enjoyed the day. It was a real pleasurable and engaging activity for them.

The results are as follows:






Winner’s Name




Plot Four

Class V









Plot Four

Class V









Class VI









Class VI










Class VII










Class VII









Class VII










Class VII








Winners and runners up were awarded gold and silver medals and merit certificates by the Headmistress Ms. Purnima Upadhyay. The Founder Principal Dr. (Ms.) Manik Barsaley appreciated the efforts of students and motivated them to participate  in various sports and games.           



Under the dynamic leadership of Dr.(Mrs.) M. Barsaley, Founder Principal and Dr. S. K. Sharma, Principal , the students of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, Delhi commemorated 70th anniversary of Independence and 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement on 18th August 2017 in the school premises.

The aim of the programme was to inform the students about the historical background, significance and relevance of the national festival. The objective of the celebrations was to create a festive and patriotic mood among the students and involve them in the mission of realizing the vision of a ‘New India’.

The students of Uranus House presented a chronological narrative of the roles of the leaders of the Quit India Movement in the morning assembly.

It was followed by a  pledge taking ceremony wherein all the teachers and the students took oath to make India clean , free from poverty, corruption , terrorism , communalism  and casteism in the next five years.

To mark this day, various activities were also conducted in the classes. The students of class V prepared tricolour flags, balloons, kites, flowers etc. The students of class VI prepared tricolour salad and students of class VII prepared collage on postage stamps from the year of Independence i.e. 1947 till the current year i.e. 2017. All these activities were performed by the students in groups.

A painting competition was also organised for the students on the theme ‘Independence Movement’. The best paintings of the students were then displayed on the school board. The same have been uploaded on the school website.

 The students decorated the classrooms and corridors with tricolour balloons, flags, ribbons, kites and flowers.

Ms. Purnima Upadhyaya , Headmistress in her address appealed the students to be highly responsible and enlightened well educated citizens of the  India of tomorrow.


WORLD RED CROSS DAY..............

World Red Cross Day was celebrated by the Middle Department with a great zeal and enthusiasm. To mark the importance of the day, the students of Jupiter House gave a small presentation in the morning assembly to acquaint the students about the origin of Red Cross Day and the significance of this day. Further, they informed the students about the seven principles of Red Cross Society and its functions.

Moreover, the students of Jupiter House of Class VII prepared First-aid boxes for their respective sections. This was done keeping in mind the principles of Red Cross Society which teach us to be prepared in advance to cope with any situation.

 Likewise ,  the students of Jupiter House prepared an informative wall magazine with slogans and pictures related to World Red Cross to create awareness among the students about this day. The main idea behind this celebration was to apprise the students with the functions of Red Cross Society and its significance.



On the occasion of Labour Day , a special assembly was organized on 1st May, 2017 with the intent to make students understand that all forms of labour needs to be respected by everyone. During the special assembly, the students performed a skit and recited a poem on the said theme and conveyed that the people working behind the scenes are the backbone of our infrastructure and economy.

Mr. Ramesh, the senior most fourth class employee was honoured with a shawl and a badge by the captains of Jupiter House.

The students also put on badges for the workers with the message “We thank you for your help and services from the core of our hearts” The captains served refreshment to them to make their day special.


Glorious April’15, 2017 was commemorated as the first ALUMNI meet in the ambience of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden. Around 170 ex- students from different batches from 1966-2011 gathered to relive old memories. It was a time and an event for old relationships to be cherished, celebrated and refreshed and new ones to be formed.  It was time of reflecting and remembering the good old times and memories of the ALUMNI and working forward with a sense of purpose and anticipation. The program commenced with a warm welcome of the ex –students. They were greeted with garland, tilak and broach pinned to one and all as a token of love.The  lighting of the lamp was graced by the founder Principal Dr. (Mrs) Manik Barsaley, Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma, Vice principals Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Ms. P.V. Barsaley, Head Mistress- Mrs. P. Upadhay accompanied by Incharges and the teachers. A floral tribute was paid to the founder of the school, Late Shri R.R. Joshi fondly remembered as ‘bauji’. A cultural Program was presented by the present students.The Founder Principal greeted one all and suggested ALUMNI to be in contact with their ALMA MATER and also complimented for the efforts. She conveyed best wishes for their bright future. The ALUMNI were then addressed by Dr. S.K. Sharma, Principal who was overwhelmed by the fact that the Greenarians have spread their fragrance around the world in different fields as surgeons, judges, media persons, CA and Bankers .To name some, Mr. Dharmendra Rana who is working as a judge at District Court Karkardoma, Dr. Sanjay Dhawan, Eye Surgeon at MAX Saket and Mr. Vijay Gopal, prominent personality in the media world.. Dr. S.K. Sharma concluded his address with a message that Greenarians are born to win. It was quite an emotional moment when the school moto song was sung by the ex–students and joined by Retired teachers and the management Committee members. The ALUMNI were touched when they were being presented memento and School magazine as a token of love. The ex-Students gifted planters as a token of gratitude to the teachers. On this occasion, alumnus – Mr. Sunil Verma gifted Rs 5100/- to Vanshikha And Harsh Of class IX each for their education .They shared their memories with their old teachers, met their old acquaintances, enjoyed the DJ and after the sumptuous dinner left with refreshed memories of their ALMA MATER .


Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden celebrated the ‘Road Safety Week’ with great enthusiasm to focus the attention on the importance of observing traffic rules in order to prevent accidents on the roads across India on 16th January,2017.

A special assembly was held on 16th January, 2017 for the students of VIII to X to generate awareness regarding road safety measures and various ways in which children can use roads wisely and safely. The guest speakers for the occasion were S. I. Mr. Brahmpal, A.S.I. Mr. Ajay Choudhary, and A. S. I. Mr. Lokesh Kumar, Delhi Traffic Police personnel.

The awareness session with the students involved discussions regarding road safety, various traffic signals, and precautions to take when on the road. Students enjoyed sharing their thoughts and ideas about the topic. AS.I. Mr. Lokesh Kumar summed up what students said and displayed the various Road Safety Signs and Symbols.

A Power Point Presentation highlighting the Do’s and Don’ts while on road by the school students was shown in all the sections of IX and X.

The students were also encouraged to reflect on how they would help in future to ensure road safety for all. Students realized the importance of being sensitive towards this issue and promised to be a responsible road user.



A Poetry Recitation Activity was organized in the school on 17th November, 2016 for the students of classes VII to X. The activity was conducted to mark the SWACHCH BHARAT PAKHWARA, an initiative of the Govt. of India. More than 460 students from class VIII, 462 from class IX and 435 from class X participated in the said activity. The main objective of the activity was to aware the students about Cleanliness and instill in their minds that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

The students very enthusiastically participated and expressed their thoughts on the theme in different forms of poetry.


 On the Occasion of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Constitution Day was observed in the school premises on 26-11-16 to mark the importance of preamble and to promote constitutional values among students.

Though the preamble of constitution of India does’nt constitute an operative part of the Indian constitution. Yet it serves several important purposes which were discussed with students in classes. A talk show was prepared for the assembly by students to make the students aware about the importance of Sovereign,Socialist,Secular, Democratic, Republic, Justice Liberty, Equality and fraternity along with the duties of citizens. Charts were prepared by students. A short constitution Day Quiz was conducted in which 30 selected students participated - Aditya – VII B, Sakshi Dubey – VII C and Vanshika VII D won the first, second and third places respectively, in category 1, which was for classes VI to VIII.

Ten fundamental duties, as written in chapter 51A of the Constitution of India were read out to emphasize the obligations of the citizens in exchange of the fundamental rights enjoyed by them. Students recited preamble in unison on the stage on the occasion of the ‘Second Constitution Day’. This was praised and liked by one and all.



National Integration Week, also known as the ‘Quami Ekta Week’, is celebrated from Nov 19th  -Nov 25th. Various programmes and activities are organized under the week long celebration like National integration day,linguistic harmony day, cultural unity day,conservation day,women’s day etc. It is celebrated to foster and reinforce the strength of public harmony and national integration. Also it focuses on role and contribution of women in the nation building. Greenfields Public School organized multiple activities to mark the importance of National Integration Week in the school premises.The students of class V,VI and VII took part in various activities and cultural programmes to enliven the ideals of democracy and encourage the feeling of fraternity and unity despite being a diverse nation in context with culture, languages, festivals etc.

  Activities organized for ‘Quami Ekta Week’ are as follows:

  •   A poster making competition was organized for the students in their respective classrooms on the topic ‘Unity In Diversity’ to mark the importance of National Integration Day.

  •      A colourful cultural programme was organized whereby the students introduced themselves in the regional languages of the different  states of India that they represented. Also,they wore the traditional dresses of the states

  • To highlight the importance of ‘Conservation Day’, a skit on Save Water and  Air’ was staged so that students will be sensitized to use resources judicially.

  • To focus on empowerment and emancipation of women in the Indian society, a character portrayal activity was organized through which students depicted the Indian women from different walks of life who have made our country proud and are leading an exemplary life.

  • A community lunch was also organized to foster the feeling of being united and sharing the things in common. Students brought food items of different states and shared with each other.

The programme was appreciated by the Founder-Principal-cum Manager Dr. Mrs. Manik Barsaley, Principal Dr. S.K Sharma,  Head Mistress Mrs P.Upadhayay and the In-charges. Students were fully enthused with the spirit of unity after taking part in the ‘Quami Ekta Week’.



For years , air and water has nurtured us. It’s time to return the favour. At Greenfields Public School, Eco-club of Middle Department organized an eventful presentation on Air pollution and Water pollution on 25th November 2016. Pollution has become a growing concern in the past few years. To anticipate environmental problems , students were made aware about hazards of Air and Water Pollution.

A motivating musical skit was showcased by the students of class VI, in an incredibly simple and creative way which encouraged them to get involved with their environment and save it.

An informative, powerful message regarding water pollution,

 “ Prevention is better than cure”, was also imparted by the students of class V, VI and VII  in which they used beautiful, innovative banners presenting causes, effects and control measures to express their care and love for nature.

  Students presented interesting and breathtaking slogans enthusiastically  which highlighted the importance of fresh air, water and sustainability.

Entertaining and interactive acts were performed by the children . The programme culminated by inspiring them to make a change and spread the word of awareness on living a healthy life. This helped them realize the need for using our natural resources carefully for better and joyous future.



Children’s Day was celebrated in Greenfields Public School on 15th November 2016 to mark the birth anniversary of the legendary freedom fighter and Independent India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was the one who used to spend most of his precious moments with children and their innocence.

The students of Mars House gave a spectacular performance with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. One group of students performed a marvelous classical based creative dance and the other group performed western dance with lot of enthusiasm. The programme included a joyous surprise performance by the teachers. It was altogether an entertaining act which was truly enjoyed by the students making this day very memorable for them. Students enjoyed cheering their teachers and cherished the precious moments. They were also made aware of their duties and values which they must imbibe to build the future nation better and stronger.


The school dedicated this day to the children who are the future leaders of our nation and also reminded everyone to work towards the welfare of the children.



National Education Day was celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. He was the first union cabinet minister of education of Independent India.

v    A Nukkad Natak highlighting the importance of education and specifically the girl child education was presented by  the students of class VI and VII. Slogan writing activity was conducted for the students of class V, VI and VII . They participated whole-heartedly and came up with inspirational quotes and slogans.  Students were informed about the contribution of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the field of education of Independent India and also the importance of education and its advantages in their lives.


 Children were made aware of the fact that education is must to lead a dignified life. It was also highlighted that educating a girl child is equivalent to educating a family and thus the whole nation.



Greenfields Public School observed Vigilance Awareness Week as per the directions of CBSE. Activities pertaining to the vigilance awareness week were organized to create an awareness amongst the students and stand against corruption. The theme of the campaign was “Public Participation in Promoting integrity and Eradicating corruption”.

Students of class VI to VII participated in slogan writing and poster making on the topic “public participation in eradicating corruption”. All the students showcased intensive innovation and performed the activity with great exuberance and dynamism. The students of secondary class IX & X embellished the campaign and strongly voiced their opinion on the topic “promoting integrity ensures prosperity of the nation”. The students conferred their deep thoughts with great conviction and solemnity. The elocution activity undoubtedly ignited spirit of nationalism and integrity amongst the students. The senior secondary students of classes XI & XII exhibited a creative flair by writing essay on the topic of “e-governance as an effective tool to curb corruption”. The purpose of the essay writing was to endow students with great sense of responsibility and implement every possible measure for making our country corruption free national and also to express their outlook on current national issues.

All the activities indeed created an awareness amongst the students about the role of preventive vigilance in reducing corruption and to enhance accountability at various levels and  therefore strengthening system by making it more efficient.

National Integration Day

Greenfields Public School organized a special assembly on November 4th ,2016 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the ‘Iron Man of India’, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. This was done to acquaint the students with the extraordinary contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in integrating our country after independence. A plethora of activities were organized to mark the celebration. First of all, a group of students acquainted the other students with the life history of SardarVallabhbhai Patel and then they highlighted his contribution in unifying our country. It was followed by the ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ pledge taking ceremony wherein all the students alongwith the teachers took a solemn pledge to preserve the unity, integrity and security of our nation.To conclude the programme, one of the teachers also highlighted the need to preserve the unity, integrity and security. Besides it, students made drawing on integration day in their respective classes and a Kho-Kho match was also organized to inculcate the value of team spirit and brotherhood. The event was a great success as it gave the students an excellent opportunity to know more about our national hero SardarVallabhbhai Patel.


October 24th is celebrated as the United Nations Day all over the world. It is an international organization that was established in the year 1945 with the idea to promote world peace and security. The United Nations is the hope and  conscience of the world. To promote tolerance and live together in peace with one another and to save the common interest, Greenfields Public School observed the importance of UN day celebration in the school premises on October 25th ,2016. The students of class 7th  put up an informative show to promote United Nations as the messenger of peace. They exhibited  the logo of United Nations which represents the world map and the flags of some of the member states who originally signed the charter of United Nations. Overall the programme  helped the students to brush up the facts they learn for the UN test in which our school participates every year through USO. Besides it, students also felt sensitized towards the importance of such an international organization which has a motto to maintain peace and security in the world and to develop friendly relations, feeling of brotherhood and fraternity amongst the nation states.

Gandhi Jayanti & Shastri Jayanti

The students of Greenfields Public School celebrated birth anniversary of  Gandhi ji & Lal bahadur Shastri ji on October 4, 2016 in the school premises wherein the Neptune house students presented a lively musical show in order to depict the moral ideals &  principles given by both the national heroes. On one hand, “Gandhi Ji” is known as the father of nation who  helped India to get liberation from British colonial yoke. On the other hand, Lal Bahadur Shastri ji is known for his simplicity and down-to-earth human behaviour. Both the national heroes’ contribution to the motherland was explained well through a speech given by the students of Neptune house.

World Literacy Day

Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden Celebrated World Literacy Day on 8th August, 2016. Students of class 8th to 12th collected Books, Notebooks, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Color pens & Pencils for the children living in “Sanskar Aashram” situated at Dilshad Garden. Five students of Uranus House along with a teacher went to the Sanskar Aashram and donated the above mentioned articles.

Through this act the students exhibited their empathetic attitude and generated awareness regarding the importance of literacy especially for the children of deprived families.


Greenfields Public school celebrated ‘’AZADI 70 – YAAD KARO KURBANI’’ with great enthusiasm & patriotic fervor. A variety of cultural & literary activities were organized from 9th August ’16 to 23rd August’16 to promote the spirit of patriotism among the students. These activities are as follows:

1)    Class VI students designed & painted greeting cards for jawans posted at border station.

2)    A mass tree plantation drive was initiated by the teachers to inculcate the idea of sustainable development among students from VI to XII. Dignitaries were invited on this event. Sapling of trees with microchips were planted by Bajaj Electricals.

3)     A dance drama was presented by the students in the morning assembly depicting the freedom struggle.

4)    Mass singing of Patriotic song was conducted in the assembly.

5)    Slogan writing & painting competition were organized for class VII to mark the occasion. Their work was displayed on display boards.

6)    All the students wore special tricolor badges on 12th August’16 which uplifted their spirit.

7)    Classes & corridors were decorated with hues of tricolor & display boards with the topic ‘Azadi Ke Deewane’

8)    Mass recitation of the national anthem was performed by all the students at 11 a.m. on Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

Thus we were able to sensitize and motivate our students to be the great Indian with a deep feeling and respect for our country - India



Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden celebrated its ‘Annus Mirabilius’ of Golden Jubilee year as it completed its 50 years. The school was founded on 16th April, 1966 by its revered Founder Chairman, Late Shri R.R.Joshi, who always dreamt of shaping his students with a holistic approach and this baton has been carried on well by its visionary Founder Principal, Dr. (Mrs) Manik Barsaley, with utmost allegiance and ardent passion.

There was a great enthusiasm among the students and the staff as a plethora of activities were organized during a week-long celebration to mark this jubilant year with golden moments. All the students wore golden bands to mark the initiation of the celebrations. Primary students presented a variety of cultural programmes depicting their love for their dear school and leaving one and all emotional and nostalgic.

The Secondary Department students took out a rally on 13th April, 2016 holding placards and cheering for the golden day. The rally was flagged off by Mr. Manjeet Singh Tomar, the S.H.O. of Dilshad Garden, the Founder Principal cum Manager, Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley and the Principal of the school, Dr.S.K. Sharma. The students decorated their classes with colourful festoons, ribbons, posters and balloons. Class IX decorated kites with fanciful and eloquent slogans. Class X prepared ‘The Honey Comb Wall Hangings’ with attractive messages where as Senior students marked the day by participating in Inter House Tug-of-war Competition and Inter Class Kite Flying Competition.

A human chain was created by XII Class students on 16th April, 2016 outside the school premises to extend a warm welcome to the Founder Principal cum Manager, who arrived in a beautifully decorated open jeep accompanied by the Principal of the school, Dr. S.K.Sharma and Vice Principals, Mr.Vibhu Shrotriya and Mrs. Pooja Barsaley. Students welcomed them all chanting the School Moto Song, ‘GREENFIELDS WE LOVE YOU......’. The school band played harmonious and melodious tunes to display their heartfelt emotions towards their alma mater. A bunch of 50 balloons was released to vitalize the day and to harpen upon the lofty heights of their beloved school. Students also accorded the Guard of Honour to their Founder Principal. They performed a foot tapping and vibrant BHANGDA dance to express their joy on the occasion. A community lunch was enjoyed by all the students. The whole school resounded and reverberated with the aura of jubilation and celebration thus, marking 50 years of excellence.

The celebrations concluded with the Founder Principal cum Manager and the Principal, Dr. S. K. Sharma congratulating the students and the staff on the proud and momentous day as the school made remarkable achievements during this glorious year for being bestowed upon with the prestigious International School Award by the British Council, and being accredited with ISO Certificate and by being adjudged first in the Youth Parliament Competition.



On the occasion of International Yoga Day i.e. 21st June,2015 organized by AYUSH, Govt. of India, twenty five students along with two teachers participated in the said event held at Rajpath New Delhi. The students took pride in participating in the mega event which was led by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi. They performed 15 asana in the short span of 35 minutes. It was a good learning and enriching experience for the escort teachers Mrs Anita Bhatia and Mr Sushil Sharma along with the students .


On the occasion of international day of person with disability, a group of 30 students from 6th with two teachers from Greenfields Public School Dilshad Garden, visited Amar Joyti Research and Rehabilitation Centre Delhi. It runs under the organization of Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, a voluntary Organization rendering Rehabilitating services to persons with disabilities through a holistic approach, inclusive education up to class 8th m medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self employment.

Doctor Uma Tuli, is the founder and managing secretary of Amar Jyoti.

The Principal Ms. Swati Tuli, welcomed the students. The students met Dr. Uma Tuli and presented the students about the school. She offered biscuits prepared by the students of amar Jyoti. One of the teachers took the students around the school and showed different departments and classrooms. The school has physiotherapy department, art & Craft, cutting and tailoring, jewellary section, laboratories, Library, beautiful culture etc.

 The special children were playing basketball on wheel chair. Our Children also played with them. The students of our school had talk with the disabled students about their method of learning, friends, hobbies etc. They all  were comfortable while sharing their experiences.

In computer lab, the special educators were helping the mentally challenged students to write, draw and read. When the students of our school saw those special children they felt themselves blessed that God has given them a perfect mind and body.