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On 3rd April 2012, Delegates from WIRRAL, United Kingdom, Ms Margaret Jackson and Mr. Mark Whitehill visited the school. They were accompanied by Dr.(Mrs.) S. D. Malik - Principal, Lovely Public School, Dr. Inder Malik - Director, Mind Power Educational Aids, Mr. Rajesh Bajaj - Director, PMP and Mr. Gaurav Gupta - Director, PMP.

All the dignitaries were accorded a warm traditional welcome by the students. Thereafter they were escorted to the assembly ground. After the invocation of God they enjoyed the Martial Art display by a group of students.






As scheduled, the guests went forth for an Interaction Session with the students who raised very interesting and thought provoking questions

Finally, they met the Head of the School Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley in her office. They were joined in by Dr. S.K. Sharma, vice Principal and all the Incharges. They enjoyed the lip smacking Indian cuisine from stuffed Paranthas to sprouts, salads, fruits, French fries, sandwiches and so on.

It was indeed a day to cherish for Greenfields family.