GreenFields Public School

School Library

The school library is an integral part of teaching and learning which provides access to books, journals, magazines, encyclopedias etc. to encourage academic excellence. The Hi-Tech library is ideally placed to foster innovation, inquiry and curiosity. Students have access to internet to enable them to seek information, work on projects and prepare power point presentations. It is key source of motivation to learners and igniting their spirit of reasoning, questioning and helping them become creative and critical thinkers.

Class Library is also a part of the academic activity. Collection of books in class rooms other than text books is a time out to refresh student's mind in their free periods. When surrounded by good books in class rooms, students are more likely to get attracted towards general reading. As one's interest grows, tastes are more specialized and books are automatically picked up for extra reading. Parents are requested to motivate their wards to contribute books for class library so that they can benefit from the same and be voracious readers.


Library Rules