Middle Department of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden gave everyone a chance to see different cultures of six ASEAN countries in an exhibition aptly titled ‘International Cultural Fiesta’ on Aug.11, 2018. This is an annual event of the school which engages students and teachers to synergize experiences and to motivate each other to design and develop new things. This year’s theme was ASEAN countries. The Principal Dr S K Sharma and the Head Mistress Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay inaugurated the exhibition.

The exhibition was organized as part of the house project with the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and creating more awareness and developing respect and appreciation towards culture of other countries of the world. The students and teachers of six houses put in their best efforts to showcase a myriad of cultures of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Philippines.

Students dressed up as natives or famous personalities of the countries they represented and interacted with the parents and visitors in front of their respective stalls. Enthusiasm was high among these students to show off their work to everyone which included art & culture, flora & fauna, national symbols, famous personalities, monuments and food etc. At each stall the eyes were greeted with sparkling colours, attractive posters, lifelike models and interesting displays.

The entire middle department participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event under the guidance of honourable Founder Principal, Dr. Ms. Manik Barsaley . The efforts put in by the students and the teachers were highly appreciated by the special guests,  Dr. U.K. Chaudhary, Dental Professor & Orthodontist and Dr. Rajeev Anand, Professor at H R Institute of Technology,Ghaziabad.

 It was a day that permanently got etched in the memories of the hosts and the visitors alike.


An Inter-House Skit Competition was held on 27th July, 2018 to commemorate the most pious occasion of “Guru Purnima”. All the six houses participated with immense vigor on the theme of ‘Gratitude’. Ms. Smita Mishra, a multifaceted personality and a renowned writer was welcomed to judge the competition along with the Activity In-charge- Ms. P Sobti. The participants astounded the judges with their elevated vivacity, fervor and innovation. Different houses showcased their talent and highlighted different aspects of theme including Gratitude towards elders, teachers, soldiers, parents and life. The program culminated with a vibrant performance by the students of Secondary Department with the theme of “Population Education”.  The first prize was bagged by Neptune House; Second and third position was attained by Uranus and Venus house respectively. The consolation prize was won by Mars followed by Jupiter and Saturn. The competition gave an excellent podium to the students for exhibiting, enriching and enhancing their skills.

" HUNAR - Inter House Competitions"

A magical mélange marked “HUNAR” the Inter House competitions for the students of Middle Department at Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden.

The school buzzed with a plethora of activities on 16th, 26th ,27th & 28th Dec 2017 and the innate talent of the students came to fruition. A total of 750 students from six houses took part in this annual event which was replete diverse subjects and fields. It was a rendezvous of artistic talents, literary geniuses, erudite young scientists, computer experts and sports champions.  The activities were adjudged by the special invitees, experts in various fields who were awestruck with the performance of the students.

The students enthusiastically participated in Radio show on the themes ‘Swacch Bharat’ and ‘Daughters: Our Pride’, Fancy dress (World’s Renowned Scientists) and Science Model making on the theme ‘Solution to Pollution’ with great zeal and gusto. They also displayed their creative and literary skills through Puppet Making, Essay Writing and Computer Competitions.

The finals of Kho-Kho, Volleyball and Kabaddi for both boys and girls had the audience cheering enthusiastically for their house contestants.

The event concluded, when the winners were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates for their commendable performance by the Founder Principal Dr. Ms. Manik Barsaley, Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma and Headmistress Ms. Purnima Upadhyay.

" HUNAR - Inter House Competitions"

Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden organized ‘HUNAR’-Inter House Competitions for classes V ,VI and VII on 5th,6th and 7th Dec. in its school premises.

Inter-House Competitions-an important part of school life and renowned for being the liveliest in the school calendar were organized to bring out the best of talents and to encourage competitive spirit among the students.

‘Hunar’ saw the students competing in their respective houses. They all took the challenge with great spirit. The eminent judges from various fields of life were invited to judge the event.

With the aim of honing dance skills of the students a Western Dance Competition was organized for the students of class V. Everyone loved the amazing flavor of this human art-dance , an art which not only requires a complete physical but also mental as well as spiritual attention. The performances by different houses mesmerized the audience with their rhythmic dance movements.

Several days of feverish preparation culminated in the Inter-House Debate Competition for class VII and Radio Show for class VI. The participants spoke masterfully, constructed wonderful arguments and fought their corner debating the topic ‘Social Networking Sites support learning among students’

In the debate the teams spoke passionately and eloquently both for and against the topic given. The students of class VI proved their versatility in the radio show . On the whole the students demonstrated that they had developed valuable skills in speaking in public and their confidence was abundantly apparent.

Students were also provided with a platform wherein their stamina and fitness were put to test during Inter-House Sports Competition.

Colours straight from the soul emerged in the Inter -House Art and Craft Competition bringing out the artist in them and an opportunity to display their creativity.

The Inter-House Competitions gave the students an opportunity to participate in representative sport, music, dance, art and other activities with the aim of raising self-esteem , self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and team work beyond those already available within school.

The usual intense but the good natured rivalry was clearly on display during Inter-House Competitions. The winners of Inter-House Competitions were felicitated with medals by the Head Mistress, Ms. Purnima Upadhyaya and the esteemed judges. Hunar was a huge success.



Greenfields Public School , Dilshad Garden (Middle Department) hosted International Cultural Fiesta -2016, an exhibition based on the idea  to promote International learning on 12th November  , 2016 in the school premises. ICF  has been an annual feature of the school in which art , economy , culture , political system , demography and food of six different countries are displayed by six different houses through Powerpoint Presentations , pictures , charts , models and posters. It gives  the students a sterling opportunity to  know and understand various countries across the globe .

Canada , USA and West Indies from North America and Brazil , Argentina and Mexico from South America  were chosen for this  year’s exhibition. The event began with the welcome of the Chief Guest , Dr. Usha Ram ,  renowned educationist and former Principal of Laxman Public School. Mr. Madhukar Pandey , Under Secretary , Ministry of Home Affairs was the special guest for the occasion .Students put in sincere efforts to prepare attractive and colourful exhibits and different cuisines of the given countries. They dressed themselves in traditional attires and  also greeted guests and visitors in the language of the country they represented. Dr. Usha Ram congratulated the students and the teachers for putting up a commendable show. She said that such activities help the young generation to establish a dynamic link with the world and to achieve a new level of success.

The exhibition was visited by the parents and the distinguished dignitaries from the school.The visitors were enthralled by this colourful display and lauded the efforts of the students. The event concluded with a vote of thanks .


INTER HOUSE COMPETITIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The house system has been introduced in the school in order to develop a healthy competitive spirit, sense of leadership, initiative etc among the students.

Students of all classes are grouped into six different houses. Inter House competitions are planned and organized from time to time to provide ample opportunities to them to exhibit their talents. The results of some Inter House competitions are as follows:- 





III    ENGLISH DEBATE  CLASS XI (TOPIC- FDI is good for our Country's economy)