An Inter class Quiz Competition was organized for the students of class  XI as a part of the ISA Activity under the project titled  Rhythm ‘n’ Soul  on 28th December 2017 in the school premises. The quiz was based on the research work done by the students for the countries India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Iran & Pakistan. The quiz commenced with the introduction of the contestants from each team representing their respective class. The quiz master for the day  briefed the students with the rules of the competition. There were four rounds in total and three teams out of six were eliminated after the second round. The final round was an audio-visual round.  As two teams were tied with same scores at the end of the elimination round, rapid-fire questions were thrown to the challengers so as to decide the team proceeding to the next round.  A wide range of questions were posed to which the participants replied confidently. The quiz aimed at enriching the students about the historical background of the National Anthem of the different countries. It helped students gain a deeper insight and understanding of the anthems enabling them to hone their musical and intellectual skills and to learn to respect the anthems of these countries. The final scores and the result was declared by the Incharge cum ISA Co-ordinator Mrs. Neelam Singh.

The first position was bagged by the students of class XI C3, the second position was secured  by the students of class XIB2 and the third position went to class XIC1. The name of the winners is as follows:


                                   2. SMRITI       XIC3

                                   3. SHUBHAM SHARMA XIC3


                                     2. KUSHAGRA GUPTA XIB2

                                     3. GARVIT NEGI           XIB2                                     


                                    2. LAKSHAY RANA       XIC1

                                    3. MUSFERA                 XIC1

The winners were awarded the merit certificates by the Principal, Dr. S.K.Sharma. He further congratulated the students for displaying ecstatic spirit  for their participation with great zeal and vigour.



A  special assembly was organized on   Friday,17th November 2017  for the students of classes X, XI & XII under the ISA project titled Rhythm ‘n’ Soul. Lakshay Sharma of class XI B3 gave the historical interpretation of the National  Anthem of Bangladesh highlighting its origin, meaning and symbolic  relevance. This was followed by a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem of Bangladesh by the students of class XI who were symbolically  attired in bangla sarees creating the patriotic ambience.  Lakshay Rana of class XI C1 gave the historical  interpretation of the National Anthem of Pakistan. It was followed by the National Anthem of  Pakistan.

The teacher Co-ordinatorMrs R. Taneja& Mrs. AlpanaShrivastava under the able guidance of  In-charge cum ISA  co-ordinator  Mrs. Neelam Singh ensured that the assembly was executed  in a disciplined manner respecting the national anthem of the two countries.

In the process of learning the National Anthem of the two nations the  students not only excelled in their singing skills but also developed the aptitude for learning &understanding the national languages of the two countries. The students also updated themselves with the culture and historical references of the two countries.  They learned to respect the national flag and the anthem and its significance.

A  special assembly was organized on   Saturday, 25th Nov, 2017for the students of classes XI & XII under the ISA project titled Rhythm ‘n’ Soul.

The special assembly was organized to have the presentation of the National Anthems of the countries Ghana & Iran. Harshit Garg and Harshit Kumar students   of class XI B2 gave the historical interpretation of  the National Anthem of Ghana and Iran respectively. The origin, historical details and its relevance was highlighted by the student speakers who also read out and gave the English version of the National Anthem of the two countries mentioned. The students enthusiastically and whole heartedly participated in presenting the National Anthems.

The vice principals Mr.Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs. P.V.Barsaley appreciated and applauded the efforts of the students for their sincere and dedicated approach.

Finally, the students took pride in singing the National Anthem of India.



Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden organized Inter House Essay Writing Competition under an ISA in-house project on Fasting Festivals for the students of class VI under the aegis of the British Council.

The students of class VI were involved in class discussions by the respective class teachers to equip them with the significance of celebrating festivals all around the globe. The students were stimulated to think critically and analyse how various festivals promote unity, peace, harmony, brotherhood, and morality.

Thereafter all the students were encouraged to write essays on the topic ‘Importance of Festivals’ in their respective classes. Top five students were shortlisted in each house who further participated in the final round held on 16th December 2017 in which they penned down their thoughts on the topic ‘Festivals promote unity , peace and morality’ in the form of essays. The winners were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates by the Founder Principal Dr. (Mrs) Manik Barsaley and the Principal Dr. S.K.Sharma.


‘Festivals Live’- a vibrant cultural programme and  an Exhibition -‘International Cultural Fiesta’ : activities of the ISA PROJECT – ‘FASTING TREAT’ were organized on 13th December 2017 .

The fasting festivals of the three countries – Navratri (India), Cavadee (Mauritius) and Ramadan (Egypt) were presented through dramatization, dance, exhibition and cuisines. The students presented the culture and rituals of the three festivals through a detailed and lively dramatization followed by the traditional dances. The exhibition was a grand display of art, economy, culture, political system, demography and food through charts, models, posters, pictures, power point presentations and cuisines of the three countries.

The chief guest of the occasion was Mr. Parviz Aghamohamadnia, Principal of Embassy School of Iran in Delhi. Mr. Babar Ali, Protocol Officer, the Embassy of Iran, ten teachers and forty students from the Iranian school and parents of Greenfields Public School also graced the occasion to motivate the students and appreciate their efforts. The guests were accorded a traditional welcome on their arrival by the Greenarians and a floral welcome to the chief guest Mr.Parviz  was conferred by honourable founder  Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley and  the Principal Dr.S.K.Sharma.

Through these activities , the students were able to develop a sense of respect towards the culture , traditions and customs of the three different countries. A feeling of oneness and togetherness was inculcated among all of them.


A number of activities were organised by Middle Department under the project “Fasting Treat”. First of all, the students of classes 5th and 6th were shown a power point presentation by their respective class teachers on 11th September 2017 which acquainted them about the festivals of three different countries associated with fasting. They were made aware of the culture and rituals of India (Navratri) , Mauritius (Cavadee) and Egypt (Ramadan).

This was followed by an Art and Craft activity which was conducted on 9th October 2017. The students of class 5th prepared beautiful and expressive greeting cards and the students of class 6th expressed themselves through meaningful and thought provoking posters.

A grand display of the students’ work was held on 6th November 2017 in the school corridors and on the display boards . This was visited by the Vice Principal Ms. Pooja V Barsaley, ISA Coordinator cum Incharge Ms. Neelam Singh, Headmistress Ms. Purnima Upadhyay and Incharge Ms. Sudha Chadha.

Through these activities, the students were able to develop their thinking skills, social skills and creativity. They were able to draw a parallel and the differences between the festivals of the three different countries.



The in-house activity of ISA 2017-18 project of Primary Department “Maths- The fun way” was held on 17th November, 2017 in the school premises of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden. A combo pack of learning and playing was conducted under the name “Mathemania” where students learned basic mathematical operations and concepts through traditional games of countries taken under the project - India, China, Japan and UAE. They felt great about their ancestors who invented such useful games.

Many traditional games seem to have the potential to teach basic maths and help children to understand it in an easy and joyful way. The games that were played during the activity were ludo, snakes and ladders, chess, stappoo, YOYO, skipping rope, Japanese game ‘Ohajiki’ and Chinese harvest game ‘Moon Cake’. Many of the traditional games are played with different names in different countries. The traditional form of some of these games reinforced addition skills or improved concentration level of the children. With a little bit of variation they were introduced to the children to learn concepts like odd-even, multiplication tables, subtraction skills. It was indeed a joyful experience where children learnt basic mathematical concepts in an easy way.


The little global citizens of III and IV standards of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden presented a cultural fiesta in the premises of the school on 7th September, 2017. The occasion was the activity of dramatization and fashion show under the ISA project 2017-18 ‘World of Tales’. A brilliant performance was put forward by the students which portrayed the tradition, culture, popular beliefs and lifestyles of the people of countries of India, China, Japan, UAE, Korea & Afghanistan. The complete activity was actually a learning experience for them. They tried to learn a few words from the main languages of their countries. They also learnt about the costume, food habits and currency used in these countries. The values learnt from these stories was a step forward in becoming good humans being as well as global citizens.

Mrs. Pooja V. Barsaley, Vice – Principal, addressed the gathering and praised the efforts put forward by the students and teachers. Some parents like Mr. Mohit Tondon & Mr. Raveesh Dutta also spoke highly of the participants and teachers. They also expressed their gratitude to the school for trying to imbibe moral values through the folktales.


The students of III standard of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden took part in making posters related to the ISA Project “World of Tales”. This activity took place on 1st September, 2017. The students made posters of various characters from different stories of the countries of India, Japan, China,

 UAE, Afghanistan and South Korea. They made big and bold pictures of their favorite characters and colored them beautifully using all their imagination. They also learned about the culture of these countries from this activity. The whole activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


A group of sixteen students and three teachers of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden visited the Iran Culture Centre on 6th October, 2017 and interacted with the Deputy Cultural Counsellor, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran- Mr Hojatollah Abedi. The visit was an integral part of the ISA Project ‘Rhythm and Soul’ which focusses on exploration of the National Anthems of Iran, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.


The students and teachers interacted with Mr. Abedi who enlightened them on various aspects of the culture, traditions, languages, historical background of Iran. He emphasised that the true identity of a nation are its National Anthem and National Flag. He also articulated on the significance of different colours in the Flags, stressed that no country should speak ill about each other as a moral bounden duty, respect diversities and try to find virtuous lessons from all that is happening around. The students and teachers also visited the Library in the Centre and were enthralled to receive CD’s of Iran and magazines to add to their knowledge.

Ms. Neelam Singh –ISA Coordinator cum Incharge extended her gratitude to Mr. Abedi and Mr. Mehdi on behalf of the students, Founder Principal- Dr. Mrs. Manik Barsaley and Principal- Dr. S.K Sharma for the hospitality, humility and the valuable time they had spared. It was a very informative and educational visit for the students which enhanced their communication and critical thinking skills.


National Day of Vietnam-observed on 2nd September was celebrated in the special assembly on 6th September 2017. Soon after the Morning Prayer the students of class X presented a skit showcasing the anecdotes of Saigon Girls School and the fear of spread of plague in Hanoi and the famous Rat hunt.
The students showcased the significance of the local resources without the support and cooperation of which the survival of the colonizers was impossible.
The resistance put up by the Vietnamese and her expulsion followed by revolution helped the students to draw conclusions that students played an important role in freedom struggle be it India, France, Vietnam.
The skit was followed by the interpretation and explanation of the meaning of the National Anthem of Vietnam. A group of students from classes IX and X sang the National Anthem of Vietnam with the reverence. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem of India.

The founder Principal Dr. Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma appreciated the endeavour of the students and teachers. Mrs. P.V. Barsaley urged the students to continue the same in future.

GOLDEN MOMENTS Inter – House Quiz Report

Greenfields Public School organized an Inter-House Quiz Competition for the students of class VIII to X on 21st August, 2017 in its premises. The Quiz was a part of the ISA Activity titled ‘Golden Moments’.

The quiz began with the introduction of the contestants from each house-team. The rules of the competition were announced. There were four rounds in total and three teams out of six were eliminated after the second round.  A wide range of questions were posed to which the participants replied confidently. The quiz aimed at enriching the students about the historical events, great leaders and important monuments of India, France and Vietnam.

The final scores and the results were declared by the Incharge and ISA coordinator, Mrs. Neelam Singh. The first position was bagged by Neptune House, the second position was secured by Mars House followed by Uranus House at third Position.

The winners were awarded the merit certificates by the Principal, Dr. S. K. Sharma. He further congratulated the students for displaying ecstatic spirit and for their participation with great zeal and vigor.


































A special assembly was organized on the occasion of Independence Day on 16th August 2017 in the school premises.
The special assembly was undertaken for the ISA project ‘Golden Moments’ which aim at student exploring important struggle for freedom.
The students after the Morning Prayer staged a skit ‘Bhartiya Andolan ’ in which incidents like Salt March, Simon Commission was highlighted.
Thereafter National Anthem of India was sung by the students of XI class and was sung by all students.
The play and anthem infused the patriotic feeling among the students.



The students of Greenfields undertook COLLAGE MAKING- ISA activity under the project ‘GOLDEN MOMENTS’ wherein the students of classes VIII, IX and X explored the National Movements of India, France and Vietnam respectively according to their curriculum, prepared Albums and embarked upon the collage making activity on 5th August, 2017 in the school.

The participants, propelled with a lot of enthusiasm unveiled their talent and creative skills. The students who were divided into groups of four, exhibited their skills, each group trying to outshine the other!
As the activity proceeded, the students equipped with sheets, colours, pictures, newsprint, glue to name a few created it using the assemblage of the collected material, added embellishments dwelling on the theme and experimenting with the wide range of material to achieve amazing end results.

The Principal- Dr. S. K. Sharma praised the efforts of the students and appreciated the efforts of the teachers who guided and prepared them to excel in their endeavour!

Inter House Quiz

The Middle Department of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden , Delhi organized an Inter House Quiz Competition for class VII students under the ongoing ISA Project in collaboration with the British Council. The theme of the activity was ‘Waste Management’.

A preliminary round of Inter House Quiz was conducted on 16th August 2017. It was a written round wherein 10 best students of each house were selected on the basis of their previous knowledge about Waste Management by their respective House Incharges. A total of 60 students participated and attempted 50 questions in an hour.

All the students did very well and based on the performance, 3 students from each house were short listed. The finale of the quiz was held on 21st August 2017. The students were well prepared and they participated enthusiastically in the final round of the Quiz. There were a total of 4 rounds i.e . Q/A session ,visual round, rapid fire round , buzzer round etc. which  were attempted by the students in a competitive manner. The audience also participated enthusiastically and gifts were presented to those who gave correct answers.

The quiz witnessed a cut throat competition among the 6 teams. After the fourth round, Mars House bagged First Position. Second Position was achieved by Neptune House. Saturn House stood Third. Ms. Neelam Singh , Incharge cum ISA Coordinator congratulated the students for taking successful steps towards global education and appreciated them for attaining enriching exposure. The winners were awarded with medals and certificates by the Founder Principal  Dr. Mrs. M. Barsaley and the Principal Dr. S. K. Sharma.

The results are as follows:

I Position                                                           Mars                                 1. Saloni                             VII F

                                                                                                                  2. Samihan Sharma           VII F

                                                                                                                 3.Samarth Gupta              VII A

II Position                                                           Neptune                              1. Prateek Aggarwal            VII D

                                                                                                                      2. Aaryan Vats                   VII A

                                                                                                                      3.Sujal Shreyash               VII A

III Position                                                          Saturn                                   1.Divyansh Rastogi          VII C

                                                                                                                       2. Pragati                          VII A

                                                                                                                       3. Tanya Kaushik              VII C



The Middle Department of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden , Delhi conducted a poster making activity on 11th August, 2017 for class VI students. The theme of the activity was ‘Make Mother Earth Happy’. The activity was a part of the ISA Project 2017-2018 “Waste Management”. The students have already been

enlightened on the issues and concerns related to Waste Management in India as well as in other countries like France and Japan. The students were sensitized about the environment through research work, a talk show and a movie. Thus, the students took active part in the activity. Beautiful and meaningful posters related to preserving the resources and saving the mother nature were made by them. The posters also depicted issues of air, water, land pollution and nuisance created by the use of polythene along with simple tips to save the environment. 

Through poster making activity, the students learnt the importance of preserving the planet earth and resolved to make a difference to our environment. Ms. Neelam Singh , Incharge cum ISA Coordinator applauded the efforts of the students and shared her words of wisdom and guided them to be sensitive towards environment.


A Mathematics Activity ‘Geometrical Wall Hanging’ was organized on 3rd August, 2017 in zero period in all the sections of class VIII. In this activity, students made wall hanging using geometrical shapes. Students used different geometrical shapes like squares, rectangles, cubes, pyramids etc. to make beautiful hangings. Students participated in the activity with full enthusiasm and zeal. It was a great learning experience for the students.


On 28th July, 2017 and 29th July, 2017, the video show and solving questionnaire activity involved the students of Class I and II, wherein they enjoyed the folktales of the various countries taken under the ISA project. The students of Class II solved a questionnaire based on those stories. The students were delighted to see the beautiful videos and enthusiastically participated in answering them.


An activity of story narration by the students of Class I to IV was held in the special morning assembly on 26th July, 2017.

The students narrated the stories with good expressions and fluency. All the students & teachers enjoyed and applauded the efforts of the tiny tots.


The coloring activity for the Kindergarten students was held on the 27th July, 2017 in the play way area. The soft and tender

 fingers of the youngest buds of Greenfields garden did a great job in coloring the pictures of characters from the folktales.


A special Assembly was organized on 17th July, 2017 for the students of classes VIII to X to celebrate National Day of France –An ISA Activity under the Project ‘Golden Moments’.

The Hon’ble Guest Mr. Haru Mehra- Director and Mentor, Frehindi was welcomed by the Vice Principals Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs. P.V Barsaley. After the morning prayer the students presented a skit ‘La Bastille’ depicting important events from French Revolution like storming of Bastille, Robespierre being Guillotined and crowning of Napoleon. The students and teachers were fascinated at the mesmerizing performance. The skit was followed by the National Anthem of France which was sung by the students of class XI and the Anthem of India sung by all the students.

The Guest in his address to the students lauded the efforts of the participants and appreciated the school for making students learn, understand and explore the essence of the history of France transcending the learning beyond the boundaries of their own country.


Embracing The Zero Waste Challenge

Waste management per capita has increased and is expected to continue to climb with growing population, wealth and consumerism throughout the world. The Middle Department of Greenfields Public School , Dilshad Garden under the supreme guidance of Founder Principal Dr. Ms. Manik Barsaley , Principal Dr. S. K. Sharma, Vice Principal Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Vice Principal  Ms. Pooja Barsaley and ISA Co-ordinator Mrs. Neelam Singh showcased a movie under ISA project “Waste Management “ for class VI and VII as ‘Suez Environment’ on 10th and 11th July 2017 . The event witnessed enthusiastic participation of students.


The event started with discussion on former ISA activities on the same topic and its co-relation with the movie. It focused on two extreme ends of growing technologies and uncomplicated ways that can be used by students in day to day life to solve waste problems in a scalable and sustainable manner. The students showed interest and prepared notes of advanced information. The movie was very entertaining and communicative too. It enlightened the students about:

·        Toshima Incineration Plant, its functioning and its benefits.

·        Importance of 3 R’s

·        Sustainable Development


 This finally led to a brief questionnaire, this was the much awaited part of the   students, which encouraged them to gather all vivid graphics into words for better understanding. All students gave impressive positive responses about the movie and gave divergent and creative answers. It gave them a perspective about the smart techniques to overcome the major environmental issue and make the world a better place to live. Picture speaks a thousand words and thus students had the most exciting yet informative day.


Greenfields Public School organized Poster Making Competition on ‘Animal Abuse and their Rights’ on 6th May, 2017 for the students of class IX. The competition was a part of the ISA project titled ‘Voice to Voiceless’. The aim was to create awareness towards animal cruelty being done all over the world and to be compassionate towards all beings.

Students participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. They exhibited their talent through their art work accompanied with relative captions and slogans. They also expressed their ideas and feelings through colours and showcased their talent by giving expressions to their posters.

The winners of the competition were:

First prize :                  Ishita Daspa IX I

Second prize :              Praveen IX D

Third prize :                Nandini Bisht IX B

Consolation:             1. Vaishvi Verma  IX B          

2. Sania Hasan IX D                   

The posters highlighted the message that we must love each and every creation of God because he did not differentiate while creating his beings. Their efforts and initiative was applauded.



Placard Making Activity was organized in the premises of Greenfields Public School on 24th April, 2017. The activity was a part of the ISA Project titled ‘Voice to voiceless’. Students participated with great zeal and showcased their talent by making colourful and thought provoking placards. The placards highlighted the message of having mercy towards animals and to treat them with dignity.


For years, waste management has been a serious issue and a major concern for our environment. We at Greenfields Public school, Dilshad Garden believe that it’s time to sensitize the students and help them contribute to overcome the problem. A TALK SHOW was organized for the students of class VI and VII on the theme “If it is mixed it is a waste, if sorted it is a resource” on 9th May 2017 under the guidance of the Founder Principal- Dr.(Ms.) Manik Barsaley and Principal- Dr. S.K Sharma. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation of students.

The Resource Persons, Mr. Piyush Mohapatro - Senior Programme Coordinator and Mr. Vinod Kumar-Programme Officer from environment based NGO, Toxics Link were welcomed by our respected Incharge cum ISA coordinator- Ms. Neelam Singh and Middle Department Incharge Ms. Sudha Chadha.

Information about the Waste Management in India as well as in other countries along with simple tips to save the environment were imparted by the Resource Persons and one of our science teachers-Ms Harshita Joshi in the talk show . The students showed interest and asked a bunch of questions, which were answered by our honorable guests. They touched upon the types of waste like biodegradable and non-biodegradable, e-waste, household waste, hazardous waste, biomedical waste etc. The problems caused by waste i.e. landfills and unhygienic living conditions and also the ways to manage waste which includes composting, Swachta Abhiyan, 4Rs, waste to energy (WtE) to name a few .

The inquisitive students could understand about the current scenario. It was a very informative and enlightening event for all the students who raised queries and interacted on the issue. The programme culminated with the distribution of small book marks, cards and posters related to Waste Management.


To prevent cruelty against animals and to sensitize people about animal rights, a Rally was organized on 28th April, 2017 for the students of class - VIII by Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden in association with the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Dilshad Garden in the neighbourhood area. The rally was a part of the ISA project ‘Voice to Voiceless’ and the aim was to achieve an inclusive world that compassionately coexists with its animals and nature and also to end all forms of cruelty and abuse of animals.

The rally was flagged off by Mr. Vinod Monga- President RWA, Mrs. Tara Devi Sharma- Vice-President RWA, Mr. R.K. Yadav- URJA Co-ordinator and Mr. L.R. Singh- Ex DDG, Bureau of Indian Standards after they were accorded a warm floral welcome by the Vice Principals and Incharges. The enthusiastic students held placards and banners with very meaningful captions highlighting the animal rights. More than 450 students with their teachers took part and moved towards the areas of Pocket F, Dilshad Garden and raised slogans to stop cruelty against animals and advised people to be sensitive towards them. Students also urged the residents not to use cosmetics and materials which are made out of animal skin and their products.

The rally came to an end with the message given by students that ‘Animals can’t speak for themselves, which is why it’s important to give our voice to help them. Abuse, cruelty and neglect will never stop unless we all work together to make the world a better place for animals’.



It was indeed a historic and euphoric moment for the Greenfields family to be the proud awardees of the ISA by British Council.

The entire school rejoiced on 28th April, 2015 as the news of the prestigious award unfolded. The Director Principal cum Manager- Dr. (Mrs.) M. Barsaley and the Officiating Principal Dr. S. K. Sharma along with all in charges congratulated the ISA coordinator Mrs. Pooja Barsaley and the dedicated team members for the conscientiously them with a lot of zeal and vigour.

The ISA Team was on cloud nine as their efforts led them on the crest of  the wave and added a feather to the feats of the school.



An Inter-House Quiz Competition on Biodiversity was organized in the premises of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden on 4th December, 2014.  The Quiz was a part of the ISA (International School Award) project.  The contest started by reading out the rules and regulations to all the participants.  There were a total of four rounds which were Exploring Biodiversity, Audio-Visual (Exotic Species), Audio-Visual (Endemic Species) and Visual Round.  There was also an audience round and all the questions were keenly answered.  The event had six teams taking part in it.  The elimination was done after the second round.  The final two rounds were for the qualified teams of the previous rounds.  The contest was to test the General Knowledge of the students of Secondary level.  The rounds had variety of questions on biodiversity, exotic and endemic plant species of countries like India, Brazil, U.S.A. and Singapore.  All the teams had a tough competition.  The Saturn House participants were declared the winner of the quiz, closely followed by the Jupiter and the Mars House participants.  It was a good learning experience for all the students.


Gen-Next sensitized on Racism

It was indeed a momentous occasion in Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, Delhi as a Talk Show was organized on the topic HEALING RACISM as a part of ISA project on 21st August ’14 in the school premise.

The Panelists comprised of a Sociologist, Psychologist and an Educationist. At the outset five short clippings were shown to the audience of about 120 students of class 11th and 12th on Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela , Shilpa Shetty of Big Brother fame and Nido who all were the victims of Racism. After the introduction of the Panelists by the host started the rigorous and mind boggling session. The Panelists discussed the causes, consequences, strategies and remedial measures with regard to the social ill prevalent in the society the world over.

Not only the audience listened in rapt attention but innumerable thought provoking questions were raised by them .As everyone got participative, there spread an aura of concern and care. The zealous participants were imbued with the spread of anti Racism spirit and had so much to share.

The Talk Show on HEALING RACISM did help in sensitizing the young minds and leave an indelible mark on their hearts.



Greenfields Public School organized different activities under the ISA Project 2014 titled “Healing Racism” for three consecutive days.

Day one saw the students of Class XI participating in Poster Making Competition.  The excellence, brilliance and  creativity of students manifested itself in the posters created on Healing Racism.

Day two was marked by article writing where students got an opportunity to pen down their views against racism.

Later an exhibition of students’ work on posters and articles was organized for visitors, parents and students alike where the work of the students was appreciated by one and all.

Finally a talk show was staged wherein the students panelists discussed the causes, consequences and measures to combat racism.  The performance of the participants was beyond excellence.



Under the I.S.A. Project, “Unfurl the Flags”, Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden Primary Department organized a week long affair of activities from 21st July 2014 to 26th July 2014.  There were different sets of activities each day. The students participated in colouring of flags, pebble making and colouring, pot decoration, Intersection Quiz Competition, Rangoli Making and finally it concluded with a colourful exhibition.

On 21st July 2014, colouring of around 10 flags of the Commonwealth countries and writing the names and capital of the countries was done by the students of Class-I and II.  Around 600 students took active part in it.

On 22nd July, students of Class III were involved in making of pebbles with Plaster of Paris. 

On 23rd July, Class – III and Nursery students coloured the dried pebbles with water colour.

On 24th July, Intersection Commonwealth Quiz was conducted.  Students of Class-IV took part in it. There were six teams.  Asia emerged as the winner.

25th July,  Pot Decoration by the students of Class-IV.  Around 300 students took part in this activity.  Pots were coated with P.O.P. On them, flags of 10 chosen countries of Commonwealth Organization were  drawn and then coloured.  Different sizes and shapes of pots were used by the students to do this activity.  Paper weights of P.O.P. were also prepared.

On 26th July.  students of Class –IV prepared the flags using Rangoli colours.  The outlining of the flags was done with the coloured pebbles prepared by the students of Class Nursery and III.

All the material prepared during various activities were displayed in a very aesthetic manner in the exhibition held on 26th July.

Ms. Mansi Aneja, Managing Editor, Economic Times was the Guest of Honour. She was accorded a traditional and floral welcome.  Mrs. Dolly Agarwal and Ms. Parul Arora were also invited as Guests from Pedilite Industry.  All the Guests were mesmerized by the work done by the little ones.  They lauded the efforts put by the teachers and the students.  Parents were also invited to have a look at the exhibited items.



Under the ISA Project by British Council ‘Unfurl the Flags’

Students of Class IV did the research work on Commonwealth Organization – its member countries, reason behind its formation.  The student did extensive research on the few chosen members, their capital, currency, national games, significance of different colours in their respective flags and important monuments.  Following this,  an Intersection Commonwealth Quiz competition was conducted in the 3rd week of July in the school premises.

The Quiz comprised of 5 rounds including 2 buzzer and 1 rapid fire round.  There were 6 teams – Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia.  Each team comprised of 3 students.  The first  two rounds ran smoothly, for all the  teams, but the game changed in the buzzer round when team Asia took a big leap by giving 2 right answers.  At the end of the 5th round.  Team Asia emerged as winner Team South America was the first runner up followed closely by team Africa which was the 2nd runner up.  Team Australia and North America shared the 4th place each.  The audience also took active part in the quiz when they were asked questions pertaining to the Commonwealth.  The Principal of the school, Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley congratulated all the teams and gave away trophies and merit certificates to the winning teams.  All the teams got participation certificates.


Report on French Week

 Little France created in Greenfields…………………

Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden organized the French Week from 21st April to 26th April 2014 on its premises as one of the ISA Projects by British Council.  The main attraction of the events was the launch of Indo-French Friendship Club.  A week long event had different sets of activities each day and it coloured  the whole school in French flavor.  The students participated in drawing competition, French – Food Workshop, French Poem Recitation and singing songs, Inter School Quiz Competition and various cultural programmes.  They also enjoyed watching a French Movie.

The event began with the lighting of lamp, which was done by the Chief Guest Mr. I.J. Widge, Former Principal of Govt. Boys School and a senior member of Management Committee of the school, Dr. (Ms.) M. Barsaley - Principal, Dr. S.K. Sharma  - Vice Principal and all the Incharges.  This was followed by Lord Ganesha prayer in Hindi and then in French.  Then students presented cultural programmes.  While formally inaugurating the Indo-French Friendship Club, Chief Guest Mr. I.J. Widge said in his speech that students today are very fortunate to be exposed to such an endeavor.  Then, the students of VI & VII participated in a drawing competition on themes related to France.

On the second day, a PPT was shown to the students on French Gastronomy and then Ms. Claire, a French national taught the students to prepare French dishes RATATOUILLE, SALADE D’ORANGES and CREPES in the workshop.  Mr. Chander Mohan, Chef from Hyatt Regency and Mr. M.A. Siddiqui, Senior Chef, Oberoi Flight service graced the occasion.  They gave some valuable tips to the students and appreciated their efforts.

Third day was filled with the melody of French songs and poems.  Students performed recitation and singing of French poems and songs and group songs and left the audience mesmerized.  Everyone’s favorite was ALOUETTE.  Principal, Dr. (Ms.) Manik Barsaley lauded the efforts of the students as well as of the faculty who had worked hard for one month to learn and perform the French melodies.

On the fourth day, the students of Class VII had a thrilling rendezvous with “The Little Prince’ under the activity ‘A window to French Cinema’ where the French movie ‘Le Pelit Prince’ was shown to the students.

On the fifth day, Inter School French Quiz Competition was organized in the school premises.  As many as ten schools participated in the event.   The event was graced by Ms. Caroline Schmitt, Attaché for co-operation in French language from French Embassy  of France and Mr. Pradhyuman, Manager, Vivekanand School.

The Quiz Master shot out questions based on history, culture, geography and monuments of France.  There were five rounds in all.  The last round, Rapid fire round was the most exciting round in which last three teams tussled for the first position.

The team of DPS Noida emerged the winner.  Second and third prizes were bagged by Arwachin International, Dilshad Garden and Mount Carmel School, Noida respectively.

Ms. Caroline  Schmitt gave away the prizes and interacted with the students expressing her views on education, career and perspective on the world affairs.  She appreciated the school’s infrastructure and efforts of teacher and students. She said that learning French is an asset for the students and we should encourage them to learn the language flawlessly.  She congratulated the Principal Dr.(Ms.) Manik Barsaley for successfully organizing such a wonderful event.

The programme ended with Vote of thanks by ISA Co-ordinator Mrs. Pooja Vipul Barsaley.


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