To provide an intense training on effective teaching, Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden, Middle Department took an initiative to conduct a workshop on “Becoming an Effective Teacher” on 13th September 2018 by Mr. Pankaj Kumar Joshi from Indus Quality Foundation.
He said that teachers in this liquid society must be ‘a meddler in the middle’ and the process of teaching is mutual learning for both teachers and students. We should move from the attitude of ‘I do, you do’ to an effective and inclusive approach of ‘we do’. The main objective of the workshop was capacity building of educators. It was highly enriching and mainly focussed on peripheral vision and developing transactive stage (becoming satvik) where teachers can build keen interest, concentration, preserverance , memory , self discipline during the teaching process. To understand the concept of infinite potentials and brain power, various activities were included like- ‘experience your mind’ and ‘empower your mind’. All the activities were enthralling and engaging for the teachers. In the end a soul awakening meditation took it to a whole new spiritual level which was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all.


A two-day Seminar Cum Workshop on “Leadership for a Vibrant School Culture” was organized for teachers on 17th & 18th May 2018 in its premises.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Rajesh Hassija, Chief Guest, Dr. (Mrs.) Manik Barsaley, Founder Principal Cum Manager, Dr. S.K. Sharma-Principal, Mr. Vibhu Shrotria- Vice Principal, Mrs. Purnima Upadhyay- Head Mistress and Incharges followed by cultural performances and welcome of the guests.

After the welcome address given by Dr. S.K. Sharma, the Key Note Address was delivered by Dr. Rajesh Hassija who in his discourse explained that effective management is a pre requisite to being viewed as a great leader. ‘Leadership is built on solid management skills’ - the statement was supported by examples of great successful personalities like – Dr. Verghese Kurian, Dr. C.V. Raman, Mother Teresa, Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad to name a few. The discourse was replete with anecdotes, examples and facts which left an indelible mark on one and all.

A deeper understanding of Ayurveda was provided in the first session ‘Stress Management’ by Mr. Rajeev Narang- Founder and Co-director, Aarogyalay. He stressed that Ayurveda is the science of creating harmony between a person and his environment and a lifestyle based in harmony is a stress free lifestyle. Mr. L.V. Bhardwaj (Spiritual speaker) enlightened the teachers on ‘The significance of Gita in Today’s Life’.According to him distractions could easily lead our lives off course but making God the center and highest priority one can stay headed in the right direction.

An informative session on ‘POCSO’ by Ms. Shipla Dalmia (Advocate, DLSA, Shahdra) focused on educating the staff about their responsibilities towards children. They were sensitized on the ways to deal with little children, teenage girls and boys. The Protection of children from sexual offenses Act (POCSO) and other constitutional laws pertaining to child safety were also delivered to the staff.

The following day commenced with Zumba – pretty much the most awesome workout and the trending workout way was a vibrant and fun-filled session taken by Zin Pankaj Soni (Zumba Instructor). The teachers danced to great music which provided a welcome respite from the usual monotony of schedule life.

‘Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection’ – was expounded in the session ‘The Power of Positive Feedback’ by Mr. Lucky Pucchrat (Director, Mavricks India solution). The session highlighted that life thrives on feedback and dies without it. Also, the highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.

Forming good working relationships with parents is imperative in helping students to be successful. The session ‘Handling 21st Century Parents’ was taken by Ms. Vani Anand (Founder Director, Zenith Excellence and MUN Advisor). It was a very important and relevant subject explained in a vivid manner.

‘21st Century Education: be the Change’ – the last session of the seminar was taken by Mrs. Anjali Singh (Educator and Motivational Trainer, Ratna Sagar) extensively covered different ways and means to empower students with 21st century deep learning skills. The session provided advantages of flipping over traditional teaching methods. It provided a platform to the teachers to understand that flipping fosters independent learning, encourages higher student’s engagement, promotes peer interaction and collaboration skills.

Valedictory function was chaired by Mr. Bhupinder Singh Mavi (Chairman, OBC Commission, Delhi NCR) and Mr. H.P.S. Bakshi (Secretary, Bharat Scouts and Guides and Director, B.R. International School). Mr. Bhupinder Singh shared his views on the vital role of teachers in the lives of students and the most significant function of schools beyond teaching subject knowledge – socialization and the transmission of cultural norms and values.

The Seminar Cum Workshop was an enlightening experience for the teachers who got to learn various new methods to keep pace in the rapidly changing and evolving world of education.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Sudha Chadha (Incharge) followed by the National Anthem.


A seminar on various aspects of POCSO Act on 2nd May, 2018. The resource person - Mr. Akash Jain, Secretary, District Legal Service Authority (DLSA), Karkardooma court was rendered with pleasure in the school. Mr. Jain emphasized on the structure and working of judicial system all over India. He gave fictitious illustrations to explain to the students the various aspects of child abuse and violence like bullying, stalking and types of sexual and mental harassment. Students were also apprised of the punishment criteria for the same. POCSO Act and JJ Act were explained in a simple and informative manner. The consequences faced by victims and offenders too were discussed. Video clips based on ways to protect one from abuse were also shown to create awareness among students.
In the interactive session, the students put forward their doubts and queries. Legal aids and respective helpline numbers were also shared. The seminar was indeed informed and was well communicated.


A two-day seminar was organized for the teachers on 1st and 2nd January,2018 on the theme ‘Motivation through Meditation’ with the aim to broaden their vistas of knowledge and to help them keep motivated to combat stressful life and excel in their profession. Hon’ble Founder Principal- Dr.(Ms.) Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr. S.K Sharma rendered a warm welcome to Swami Agnivesh ji- our chief Guest who is a renowned social activist and former member of legislative assembly. The students presented a soul gratifying Guru Vandana to invoke the blessings of the Almighty followed by Sarva Dharma Prarthana highlighting that God is one! Further, the students presented a scintillating folk dance of Gujrat displaying their vibrant culture.
Swamiji in his discourse stressed that it was necessary to change self from within and change the society from without and propagated the significance of three D’s i.e doubt, to debate and if necessary to dissent. According to him these were important to develop human intellect. He urged everyone to meditate which is self-reflection and introspect about three perennial questions ‘Who am I? Why I am here? What will be left of me when I am no more? The seminar was indeed thought provoking as it unfolded the deeper meaning of life. After Swamiji, Ms. Harveen Sukhija from the Art of Living Under scored the significance of living in present for perennial success Besides the role of meditation in controlling the mind and heart and a powerful means to cleanse one’s mind.
Swami Punitanandji- a social activist discussed the reasons of exponential increased issues of depression and suicides. Mr. Brahmkumar- Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, a medico legal consultant expounded the real significance of the Omnipotent power and science.
The second day of the seminar embarked on the healing power of yoga. Mr. Yogesh Kumar- Gen Sec. of Bhartiya Yog Sansthan explicitly emphasised about the society transcending through Yoga whereas Dr. Ram Avatar-Project Officer ‘Yoga’ Directorate of Education who propounded about decentralization of anxiety through discipline. Dr. Avatar demonstrated some Yog Asanas which could instil discipline among students.
In the subsequent session, Swami Prasun Kumar Biswas ji from RK Mission presented dichotomy between progress versus spirituality and discussed very meaningful ideologies of Swami Vivekananda. Dr. Rekha and Dr. Biswas-Social Activists, apprised everyone on the importance of meditation for the healing of inner self and taught various Mudras to improve health.
The seminar culminated with the valedictory function wherein the Chief Guest- Dr. S.L Jain,Director of Mahavir Model School was extended a cordial welcome by Dr. (Mrs.)Manik Barsaley and Dr. Sharma followed by a vivacious Rajasthani dance and Yoga presentation by the students. All the rapporteurs gave a detailed overview of the two day’s inspiring sessions to the Chief Guest who in his address to the teachers fostered the theory of Karma, the existence of God and motivated everyone to remain contended, to do good and reap the best!
Vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Vibhu Shrotria- Vice Principal and the sessions concluded with the National Anthem.


The Commerce department of the school organized a seminar cum workshop on the topic, Stock Exchange for the students of class XII (commerce stream) on 13 th Nov2017. This workshop was conducted to enrich students’ knowledge regarding stock exchange which is a part of their curriculum.

The seminar was conducted by Mr. Harbinder Sokhi, manager in BSE (IPF), presides in stock exchange office, at Rajinder Place. The Vice Principals Mr Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs P.V. Barsaley welcomed the guest. In his session

 he covered following points: - stock exchange dealing, right of investors, SIP (systematic investment Plan), Mutual Funds, Stock market Index, Demat account trading, paying in, Paying out concept, and concept of depository. Over all the session was very informative for the students.


 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” 

                                                                       --Mahatma Gandhi

Keeping in mind the above saying, a workshop was organised for the teachers of the Primary and Middle wing on 15th September , 2017. Incharge accorded a floral welcome to the resource person Mr. Chitvan S. Nanda, faculty member, Art of Living and an internationally renowned artist and Ms. Archana Sharma. To begin with , the resource person , acquainted the teachers with the fact that the ‘Art of Living’ Happiness program is a unique and profound breathing technique. It is a practical tool that restores body, mind and spirit into its natural rhythm of being.

The workshop was indeed an enriching experience for the teachers as it was a perfect blend of powerful breathing techniques, yoga and meditation taught in a fun filled interactive session which was enjoyed by one and all.

Mr. Nanda subtly emphasized on the fact that in today’s busy and stressful life , it is vital to take out just a few hours and learn how to successfully manage your emotions which can make us happy. He opined that if teachers learn the techniques to remain  stress free and embrace happiness , it will eventually positively affect their teaching as well. If the teachers are happy, they can transmit happiness to their students as well which can enhance their students’ concentration , understanding and focus. He stated that unknown to most of us who seek happiness outwardly, true and everlasting happiness lies within us and  the ‘Happiness’ program takes us to the point where we effortlessly reconnect to the inexhaustible source of joy through effective yogasanas , pranayam and breathing techniques.

The workshop concluded on a very positive note with teachers determined to integrate the funfilled activities learnt in the workshop in their teaching . Overall, the session proved to be very informative and knowledgeable for one and all.



Nature is personified as mother which fulfils the needs of mankind and sustain life on this planet but human, in return, has been so inhumane to it and exploiting the resources continuously. The thought provoking question is: How will the resources be preserved for the future generation?

To answer this question and sensitize the students of G.P.S,Dilshad Garden, organised an interactive session on 24th July 2017.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Metropolitan Magistrate at Karkardooma  Court, was the speaker of the occasion. He was heartily welcomed by the Vice-Principals Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs. Pooja Barsaley and Head Mistress Mrs. P. Upadhyay. Then, Mr. Dinesh Kumar initiated a healthy discussion oriented session with the students wherein he stimulated students to come up with their innovated ideas to preserve the resources and save the mother nature. He talked about the prevailing issue of ‘Global Warming’ and incited students for suggestions to resolve it. The students showed deep interest in the discussion and gave their budding solutions for the conservation of resources. The Head Mistress Mrs P. Upadhayay gave her words of wisdom to the students and urged them to be sensitive towards conservation of resources.

 In the end students vowed to use the resources judicially and pass the word to others.



To mark respect to their Gurus , the students of the Middle Department started the day i.e. 11th July , 2017 with ‘Tilak Abhishek’ of the Founder Principal , Principal ,Headmistress , Incharges and all their teachers and presented  buds to them as a token of respect.

The programme commenced with the staging of ‘ Guru Purnima ki Katha’ and a semi-classical dance depicting Guru Vandana in Sanskrit. A group of students recited a hindi poem on the importance of Gurus in our lives. In the end , a Qawwali in Sanskrit and Hindi based on shlokas related to Guru ki Mahima and moral values was presented by the students.

On the second day i.e. 12th July , 2017 ‘ Art of Living’ workshop was organized for the students. Ms Purnima Upadhyay, Headmistress welcomed Mr Chitwan Singh with a planter .

Mr Chitwan Singh and his team interacted with the students and made them learn innovative games , meditation and concentration techniques , yoga and other amazing group activities through which they can become better leaders , have enhanced concentration skills ,handle anger and emotion and develop better understanding amongst parents and friends.

The session came to an end with each heart full of love , joy and peace and that is what ‘Art of Living’ is all about.



Our school organized a two-day Capacity Building Programme for teachers on 'Classroom Management', on 16th and 17th of May 2017 in collaboration with CBSE. Eminent resource persons, Principal of DLF Public School, Mrs. Seema Jerath along with freelancer and former PGT (Political Science) Mr. M. L. Sawhney graced the occasion as eminent Resourse Persons and conducted the workshop. They were heartily welcomed by our honorable Principal Dr. S.K. Sharma, Vice Principals and Incharges.
The keynote address was deliberated upon by Mr. M.L. Sawhney, who focused on the fact that effective classroom management requires teachers to have skills and clear ideas of what exactly is needed to create a humanizing environment in the classroom followed by Mrs Jerath who spoke about the qualities of a good teacher -the most powerful person who can transform lives. She also expressed about personal management which means putting the right thing at the right place as teachers are now facilitators and that effective teachers establish effective learning in classroom. She then discussed various components of classroom management which included Content Management, Conduct Management and Covenant Management. Mr. M.L. Sawhney focused on ‘Developing Rules and Procedures for Effective Classroom Management'. An activity was conducted to help teachers to establish and strengthen proper and effective inter personal relationship in the class.
Tips were also given for teaching large class such as, maximum space, involvement of students and use of discipline to deal with misbehavior and to recognize the attention span of students. Mr Sawhney emphasized that arrangement of seating method should be such that the students and teachers are comfortable with. It may be runway, horse shoe or cluster method. A video about a teacher who guides, motivates, cares and is deeply remembered was screened.
Thus, the objectives of the training programme was to adopt management skills and techniques which will help the teachers to establish classroom order and discipline, adopt effective strategies for dealing with large classes effectively, rather than criticizing and losing control, the teachers need to reinforce the point and communicate the consequences. Right teaching style would enhance learning. The seminar was full of influential activities and left the teachers more equipped and resourceful.


A two day seminar cum workshop was organized for the teachers of Middle Department on 16th and 17th May 2017 in the school premises.

The event began with the traditional auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by  Ms. Purnima Upadhyay (Headmistress), Ms. Sudha Chadha (Incharge) along with resource person Ms. Rajni Jauhri (consultant in British Council and a member of CBSE inspection Panel). The guests and resource persons were welcomed and felicitated by presenting bouquets and mementos.

The seminar-cum-workshop had some learned resource persons- Ms. Rajni Jauhri (consultant, British Council). Mr. Achal Gupta-(Zumba fitness Trainer, certified Yoga and Meditation practitioner), Dr. Shipra (Dietician  from Litchi Knowledge Centre), Ms. Puja Jain(Psychologist and a resource person from Litchi Knowledge Centre). The topics were Life Skills, Zumba, Teachers Orientation on Health Champs programme and POCSO.

The first session started with a game through which Ms. Rajni Jauhri tried to teach that everyone learns from his or her own life. She explained to get success one should be planned, confident, positive and prepare a strategy to achieve goal. Activities such as money game, bouncing the ball, group activity: preparation of planning an activity for a class, motivated teachers to find ways to keep themselves happy and to always wear a smile. The next session on Life skills aimed to increase the effectiveness, knowledge and time management. Life skills help the students to learn adaptive and positive behavior that enables them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

 On second day, Dr. Achal defined Zumba as an aerobics fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. Though most Zumba involves high impact moves like bouncing and jumping, it can be modified to meet personal needs. Regular practice lower down the risk of heart disease and regulates blood pressure. Everyone   enjoyed Zumba dance steps thoroughly .

 In the next session Ms. Shipra focused on proactively involving students, teachers and parents towards championing health today so every child gets a firm chance to be a leader tomorrow. Health champ is the first ever comprehensive preventive health care solution for schools in India.

Ms. Puja Jain, Psychologist and a resource person from Litchi Knowledge Centre talked about creating awareness amongst teachers for various kinds of difficulties and problems faced by children related to sexual abuse and stress among the students which can be handled through counselling. She threw light on POCSO i.e. protection of children from sexual offences in order to effectively address sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of the children.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Purnima Upadhyay (Headmistress) and National Anthem.



A seminar was organized by Mars House on 7th April 2017 in the school library  to enlighten the students with the knowledge of simple techniques of dealing with stress in their day to day life by improving their diet pattern and benefit through the simple solutions provided to them by the Dr .Shipra Sehgal chhabra.

The seminar was initiated by the staff of Litchi, the Resource person guided every one with simple but effective tips for a smooth life.

The seminar was enlightening for the students of class VIII and teachers of Mars House.


A two day Seminar cum Workshop on the theme ‘Exploring new Vistas in Education’ was organized in the school on 12th and 13th May, 2016 for the teachers. The seminar commenced with the invocation of God. The ceremonial lamp was lit by the Chief Guest- Mr. Sanjay Bhartiya, Chairman Forum of Public Schools and the Guest of Honour- Ms.Anupama Bhardwaj, Vice Chairperson Forum of Public Schools along with the Founder Principal- Dr.( Mrs.) M Barsaley, Principal- Dr. S.K Sharma,  Vice Principals- Mr . Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs. P.V Barsaley and the Incharges. After the ceremony the guests were accorded a warm welcome which was followed by a cultural program presented by the students. The seminar began with the keynote address of Mr.Sanjay Bhartiya and Mrs. Anupama Bhardwaj’s address to the teachers. The teachers were inspired by the versatile sapience of their words of wisdom.

Soon after the inaugural session, followed a rigorous session on ‘Change your thoughts change your life’ by Dr. Hetu Khera, a Homeopathetic Doctor . She expressed herself on Self belief, to be at peace with self, happiness, good health, positivity etc.

Mr. Anurag Iyer spoke on the ‘Role of technology in education’ and stressed on the need of restricting certain sites on the Net and to create a security guard so that the sites are not accessible to children.

In the fourth session Mr. Ankush Grover spoke on ‘Nailing advanced teaching challenges’ and emphasized on the need of shift from teacher centered to student centered approach. He also urged the teachers to interact while using videos or other techniques while teaching. According to him communication is an important feedback channel; critical thinking and storytelling were important tools.

The second day kick started with a rigorous ‘Yoga Session’ conducted by Dr. Vaishali from ISHA Foundation. The teachers displayed their ardent desire by sincerely following the instructions and performing to their best.

Mrs. Sitamani, Resource person from NIE enunciated on ‘Personality development and grooming’. Her discourse laid stress on transforming from a good teacher to a great teacher.

Last but one session was undertaken by Mr. Lucky Puchran on the theme ‘Manner, Matter and Method’. He expounded on Minimalization i.e. less is more, importance of communication and that communication is intellectual property, training is the solution of all problems and performers have a different body language. His session was peppered with motivational quotes and videos which were enjoyed by all.

Mr. S.K. Bhattacharya, President Action committee graced the Valedictory function as the Chief Guest. He was accorded a warm floral welcome and was presented with a memento. He was all praises for the cultural program performers and thereafter he personally went to all teachers and interacted with them. The rapporteurs apprised the guest about the two day proceedings. The Key note address was delivered by Principal- Dr. S.K Sharma following which the revered guest addressed the teachers wherein he very emphatically stressed on the positive discipline which meant character building, creating a community. He believed that encouragement is the foundation of learning and urged the teachers to create a resource center. With his humour and lively interactions each and everyone was left becharmed.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Vice Principal- Ms. P.V Barsaley and the two day rigorous training program came to a close with the National Anthem.




Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden organized a seminar cum workshop for teachers on 15th and 16th of January, 2016 entitled, ‘Broadening the Canvas of Learning’ encompassing such topics as Health and Wellness, Nailing Global Threat, Modern Scenerio and Indian Values, Psychological Issues  and Communication Skills.

Eminent resource persons from different fields of education and society expressed their views on the concerned topics.

The seminar commenced with the lighting of lamp by Founder Principal cum Manager Dr (Mrs) Manik Barsaley and Principal Dr S K Sharma, followed by Ganesh Vandana by the students. The keynote address was deliberated by Mr.Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Honorary Secretary of Judah Hyam Synagogue, who focused on learning skills, aim and role of education to broaden the horizons of learning.

Ms Ishleen, an active member of LITCHI, Health Organization dwelt on the topic of health and wellness for everyone, to think beyond physical health and aim towards working for society and community. Ms Anamika Yaduvanshi, chairperson of NGO ‘Astitve Mujhe Meri Pehchan’, deliberated on the need to revive Indian values in modern scenario. She stressed on the fact that the children - the future of tomorrow should not be allowed to suffer trauma because of degrading values and lack of comprehensive value system.

Dr. Sudish Kumar, associated with Bhartiya Yoga Sansthan and Meditation spoke about the art of living and the joys of a healthy living – happy life . Mr Lucky Puchrat from HT PACE delved on the topic of enhancing and developing communication skills, an important tool in modern education.

Mr Inderjeet Singh, Scientist in Defence Institute of Scientific Research discussed about psychological issues and concerns of students and teachers.

The Seminar cum workshop concluded with the Valedictory function. Mr. Puran Chand, General Secretary, Council of Boards of school Education in India graced the occasion. Mr. Chand was welcomed with memento, shawl and planter respectively by Founder Principal cum Manager , Dr. (Mrs) Manik Barsaley, Principal, Dr S K Sharma, Vice Principals, Mr. Vibhu Shrotria and Mrs. Pooja Vipul Barsaley. The rapporteurs apprised the Chief Guest of the proceedings of all sessions.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Vice Principal Mrs. Pooja Vipul Barsaley.

The seminar cum workshop concluded with the National Anthem.



Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden organized a workshop for teachers on 10th October, 2015 on ''Health and Nutrition Issues''. Dr Ishita Pant, Asstt Professor at Department of Pathology, IHBAS talked in detail about health and nutrition, creating awareness regarding healthy lifestyle, appropriate food habits and physical fitness. During a two hour lively interaction session with the teachers Dr Pant underlined ''healthy lifestyle is key to healthy living''. Talking about diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc, she laid stress on consumption of natural,  colourful and  unprocessed foods and also the right amount of food at fixed time of meals. Importance of exercises and sleep to keep fit was also emphasized by the guest speaker. Teachers also participated enthusiastically sharing their experiences and asking question pertaining to health and nutrition.

The informative session proved to be quite educative and useful for the teachers, helping them understand the importance of healthy eating.

Seminar- cum-Workshop On ‘Changing Landscapes of Learning, Values, Art & Skills’.

A two day seminar -cum -workshop on ‘Changing Landscape of Learning, Values, Art & Skills’ was organized by Greenfields Public School on 18th and 19th May 2015 in its premises.

Mr. L.V. Sehgal (Principal, Bal Bharti Public School) graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the inaugural session.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Mr. L.V. Sehgal along with Dr. (Ms.) Manik Barsaley Director Principal-cum-Manager, Dr. S.K. Sharma Offg. Principal, Head Mistress and Incharges followed by cultural dance performances which mesmerized one and all.

The guests were welcomed & felicitated by presenting bouquets and mementoes.

The seminar-cum-workshop had a unique panel of speakers – Mr. Ranjit Majumdar (Field Training Manager, HT Pace), Ms Reecha Vasishtha  (Psychologist, Litchi Knowledge Centre),  Ms. Fozia Roohi (Asst. Prof, Guru Nanak College of Education), Mr. Sharat Aggarwal and Dr. Poonam Kathuria (Member of Yog Sansthan), Dr. Shipra Sehgal (Dietician, Litchi Knowledge Centre), Mr. Ajay Kumar & Mr. Hemdutt Dikshit (Instructor, Department of Civil Defense), who enriched the session by sharing their valuable opinions and findings through the topics – Iceberg Module on Attitude, Preventing Bullying & Ragging in Schools, Life Style Management , Yoga, Education for Peace, Moral & Social responsibility and Preparedness for Disaster.

The key note address was given by Mr. L. V. Sehgal where he complimented the School Management for selecting a very appropriate theme of the seminar.  He defined education both as a curriculum for broadening the mind - one of the hallmarks of an educated person – and as a way to prepare for active participation as citizen.

Education is defined in terms of content subjects such as history, literature , mathematics and are frequently held as the centre of the core curriculum, yet there is an emergency sense that education should focus more on the key attributes like critical thinking, writing, speaking, reasoning and mathematical researching. The seminar provided a platform to the teachers to understand that in the current globally competitive, highly dynamic environment the students should be given an opportunity to exercise skills and habits of mind.

The foundation of success regardless of the chosen field is attitude and was very well explained in the session ‘Iceberg Module on Attitude’. A teacher’s positive attitude does cause a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes, acts as a catalyst & sparks extraordinary results.

The teachers were sensitized more towards the issues of bullying in the session ‘ Preventing , Bullying and Ragging in Schools’ wherein it was reiterated that bullying can happen anywhere yet with greater understanding of the extent, seriousness and dynamics  the amount and  consequences of bullying can be greatly reduced.

Beneficial insight on different aspects of time management, stress management, balance diet was provided in ‘Life Style Management’ – an intervention designed to promote positive lifestyle and behavior change.

A better life can be lead with a healthy, strong and flexible spine and it was demonstrated in the ‘Yoga’ session through different ‘asanas’ like – Tadasana, Makarasana, Shalabhasana, and Sukshma Kriyayein.

‘If we are to teach real peace in the world we shall have to begin with the children’- Mahatma Gandhi’s words found the real meaning in the session ‘Education for Peace, Moral and Social Responsibility’.

Preparedness is the main way of reducing the impact of disasters. A deeper understanding on community based preparedness was brilliantly covered in the session ‘Preparedness for Disaster’. How to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively to protect children and families was demonstrated by the volunteers through different methods like Fireman lift, rescue crawl and snake lift in the last session of the seminar.

Valedictory Function was chaired by Ms. Madhulika Sen (Principal, Tagore International School) in which she shared her views on values , arts and skills and how they can be incorporated in the present education system for the holistic development of the child.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Purnima Upadhyay (Head Mistress).