Anandam 2019 IQF Residential Camp

A group of four students from class VII participated in Indus Quality Foundation residential camp in “Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Dehradun from 16th June’19 to 23rd June’19 for class VII (4 students). The camp was based on the teaching of “Swami Vivekananda”.

Each day started with Yoga and Meditation to improve the concentration, flexibility and to instill a sense of discipline among the children.

Interactive sessions with Swami Atmananda Ji and Chairman of IQF Mr. Ashwini were held.

Daily visit to the temple in the evening was also a very important part of the schedule to keep the children religious minded.

Games and Sports were a regular feature of the session.


A three day and four-night excursion was organised for the students of secondary department from 23rd May to 27th May’19. Sixty- six students escorted by seven teachers and Incharge- Ms. Neelam Singh embarked onto the journey to the salubrious mountains. All the three days saw the students and teachers enjoy trekking, adventurous activities like rock climbing, Rappelling, Tarzan rope and Burma Bridge. Students offered their obeisance at Kali ka Tibba and Jakhoo temple. The group relished the time spent at Mall road and shopping. It was food, fun and frolic all the way!


A industrial visit to Mother Dairy Plant , Patparganj was organized for the students of class VII on 7th and 9th May 2019. The aim of the visit was to provide practical exposure to the students where they could experience the operations of the Asia’s largest liquid milk company .

The officials at the plant welcomed the students and teachers. Ms. Neha an Executive officer gave a presentation in which she explained the processing capacity of the plant.

During the tour , the students were made aware of the stages in the processing of milk like Clarification , Standardisation , Homogenization and Pasteurization. They understood the process involved in the making of milk which is totally automated and is internationally designed .

After the students had an enriching exposure to the various divisions of the milk plant, ice-creams were served to them . Knowledge and fun were the ingredients of the day.


The Middle Department of Greenfields Public School arranged a visit for the students of class V, VI and VII on 20th April, 23rd April and 24th April 2019 respectively with Asstt. Librarian to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose museum, Central Library and Archive Centre & National Museum to encourage the students to be friendly with library resources and to know about the historical facts.

The students were amazed to see the wooden chair, sword, badges and uniforms and canon balls which were used by the leader at the time of war.

Students of class VI visited the Central Library, Delhi University where they were welcomed by Deputy Librarian Dr Narender Kumar. Each and every section of the library was introduced and shown to make a positive difference to the student's self esteem, confidence, independence and self responsibility in regard to his/her own learning.

Class VII students visited the National Museum and Archive Centre. Ms Hina and Mr Faisal and were introduced various galleries of the museum and explained about the Harappan civilization, Mauryan period, Shunga period and Gupta dynasty and coins gallery (Numismatic gallery). Students was surprised to see the skeleton of a female found  in Rakhigarhi  Haryana. Copper utensils different types of pots.

In Archive Centre students were happy to know that the documents which date back to 14th  century have been preserved and can be used by the researchers only after getting special permission from higher authorities.


The Social Science Department organized a two day and three-night educational trip to Amritsar for the students of secondary department from 21st October to 24th October, 2018.


The trip was organized with a view to instil the feelings of patriotism and bring to surface the oppressive and tyrannous rule of the English. On day one the group comprising of fifty- five students, six teachers and coordinator cum Incharge- Mrs. Neelam Singh visited the Historic Jallianwala Bagh, a memorial of national importance which prompted them of the fatalities and casualties during the massacre. Further, the students proceeded to Golden temple, offered their obeisance amid the religious aura and relished the Kadha Prasada. They were enthralled shopping for their friends and family enroute.


Following day, the group visited the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama dedicated to the Sikh empire founder. The students were enamoured by the display of armour, paintings and varied historical objects.  The zealous group proceeded to visit the famous Durgani temple and sought the blessings of the Goddess. Thereafter, they visited the historic Wagah and Attari Border. Amid loud cheer and chants of Vande Matram the students enjoyed the lowering of Flags ceremony and were besotted by the dance like manoeuvres and raising legs as high as possible of the military personnel. They were enlightened about the fact that the ceremony is symbolic of the rivalry between the two nations on one hand and peace and brotherhood on the other.


After savouring the evening snacks, the group proceeded back to Delhi. The halt at Haveli enroute Delhi was a much awaited destination. The Rangla Punjab had varied dances, art forms like bhand, pottery, magic show, delicious Punjabi cuisines and a traditional display of pind life to offer. The ambience and the mood were in perfect harmony which captivated everyone!

A Memorable Trip to Singapore

A group of twenty- three students escorted by Mr. Manjeet Singh (Coordinator) and Mrs. Alka Tyagi embarked onto much awaited flight to Singapore on 8th July, 2018. The group on reaching Singapore visited the quaint Sentosa Island by cable car which boasts of plenty of tourist attractions. The students enjoyed the Sea Aquarium, Wings of Time. Fire Laser Beam Show at Sentosa Beach which were a delight to their eyes. Some also visited the very fascinating Madame Tussads Museum The students loved the Cable and the Luge ride and the beach walk.

The following day saw the students all geared up for the Universal Studio and relished the thrilling rides on Roller Coaster, Revenge of the Mummy and so on. It was hard to miss out on the iconic Mascot of Singapore- the Merlion and hopped on to the world’s largest observation wheel ’The Singapore Flye’, and enjoyed breath-taking 360-degree picturesque view. The shopping spree at the Mustafa Mall and Buggies street made their visit even more exciting. On 12th July, 2018 the group retreated back with fond memories of the trip.

Dr. S. K. Sharma – Explored Educational Philosophies in Australia!

A Principal’s leadership Building Professional Visit program – 2018 was organized by PM Publications and hosted by Education Queensland International, Australia from 18th June to 22nd June’18.

Dr. S.K Sharma- Principal, Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden along with the delegation embarked on the journey to explore educational philosophies of six different schools in Queensland with a view to get enlightened and adopt and execute the best practices being undertaken in these reputed institutions.

For the team it was rigorous exchange of ideas, strategies, methodologies and reflections! The educational programme enlightened and paved the way to adopt the best and the latest.

Amid the Free, flexible and joyful learning experience, the best take away was the display of very colourful and meaningful study material/ Aids in the classroom and corridors and that every Monday the Principal meets the pupils and the best that the senior teachers too take classes of the pupils reading in Nursery and Kinder Garten.

All the learned Principals from different parts of India engaged with others to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to maximize academic, social and personal abilities providing quality education for all.

On the concluding day of the tour, in a scintillating ceremony the delegates were awarded certificates for their enthusiastic participation and professional visit to the schools in Brisbane. The guests and the hosts extended their heartfelt gratitude to each other for an exclusive exchange and a very rejuvenating experience. It was just an insight into a few days, worth a lifetime experience!


Seventy-nine students with nine teachers and in charge – Ms. Neelam Singh left for the idyllic towns of Bhimtal and Nainital in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand on 20th May,2018. On reaching the serene Amodh resort, the students relished swimming and cycling before they got ready to bask in the lap of nature. They visited the famous cave park where they enjoyed moving into the enticing tiger, panther and porcupine caves. Thereafter, they moved to the lands end, snow point and visited the famous Naina Devi Temple. The drive on the meandering road added thrill and joy to the day’s activities. The following day, the group visited Bhimtal and Sattal and the boating in the lake made their day big. While some enjoyed horse riding, some tried their hands on the red bull. Next day saw the students all geared up to go for the jungle safari in the wee hours of the morning. All of them set their eyes to catch a glimpse of the jungle king besides the other animals and captured the moments and memories in their cameras. The Jim Corbett Museum was a delight to their eyes and finally the visit to the famous Gajria temple saw them offer their prayers to the Goddess. The trip was indeed the most memorable one for the students as well as teachers. The group enjoyed the food, fun and frolic though they were pained to see the forest fires which engulfed a major area in the vicinity and wondered how the animals and the inhabitants coped with it!!


Sixty-eight students of class XII A1 and XII A2 visited TEEN MURTI HOUSE and THE NATIONAL MUSEUM on 28th of April, 2018 i.e. Saturday to give them an arm chair view of the art, architecture and the exhibits which present the culture of India. The group was escorted and guided by Mrs. S. Saluja, Mr R.V. Singh, Mrs. N Mehta, and Mr. Prateek Bhardwaj. After reaching Teen Murti Bhawan, Mr. Jain-a guide of the tour gave the students a very informative description about the pre as well as the post-independence period.
Further, the group proceeded to THE NATIONAL MUSEUM where they could get a glimpse into exclusive excavations from the period of Indus Valley Civilization, beautiful Buddhist arts and several arts from the period of Gupta and Kushana rulers.
They were all mesmerized by the pristine lawns and the Rose Garden of Teen Murti Bhawan and awestruck by the Harappan Gallery and pre Harappan art and craft.


“The library, the temple of learning
has liberated more people than the wars in history”

The middle wing of Greenfields Public School, Dilshad Garden arranged a visit for students of classes VI &VII on 18th April and 19th April 2018 respectively with Asstt. Librarian to the Central Library, Delhi University to encourage students to be friendly with library resources and to show how to gather resources for studies.
Students and Teachers were welcomed by the Deputy Librarian of Central Library-Dr. Narender Kumar and Dr. Suresh by giving chocolates. Each and every section of the library was introduced and shown to the students to make a positive difference to the students’ self-esteem, confidence, independence and self-responsibility in regard to their own learning. Students were introduced to a variety of books and material available at the library and were given an introduction to search catalogue and databases. Students eagerly put up different questions and came to know that library was started in 1922 with a collection of rare 1380 books, now the total collection is about 6 – 7 lakhs.
The Students visited the braille section of the library and interacted with blind students and came to know how the books are recorded and edited for blind students. Braille printouts were given to the students. They were very happy to see the manuscripts kept in library. It was a great enriching experience for the students.