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Greenfields Public School is an excellent value based educational institution with a holistic approach to the development of a child. School has a beautiful environment and correct ambience for imparting education capable of bringing about a series of human enfoldments essential for life long education.
• The school has well equipped Science Laboratories, Library, Computer Labs and an extensive play ground with different sports facilities.
• The school aims at consistent quality and high standards of education.
• The school is affiliated to CBSE and has provision for 10+2 education with options in Engineering, Medical, Commerce and Humanities.


Greenfields Public School provides a challenging and a supportive academic environment. All academic endeavours aim at value based education. Teachers are a source of inspiration and encouragement and to students are the role models. Examinations are conducted to test the inherent potential of a child and a system of continuous comprehensive evaluation is followed where every aspect of the child’s personality is closely monitored in Academic, Co-curricular activities, moral, physical, ethical etc.


The early years are the formative years when a child's mind start to develop, when curiosity runs high. These are moments when a kid wants to explore and experiment. It is here that we step in to facilitate, ensuring that a child misses out on none of these. To see that his/her class - work and an enquiring bent of mind go hand-in-hand-we endeavour to foster appropriate skills and abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude, right from their primary years.

The faculty is committed towards achieving some of the following objectives.

  • To help the students to aspire and achieve.

  • To help them adjust to the learning environment.

  • To make them confident and an independent learner.

  • To help them develop and maintain intrinsic motivation - resulting in self - initiated, self- directed activity.

  • To teach them tolerance and show respect for others.

  • To teach them ethics and etiquettes.

  • To help them to imbibe independent learning, assimilate positive habits and develop positive out look.


This is the transition phase when a student passes through a critical period of physical, mental and emotional change from childhood to adolescence. At Greenfields Public School we understand this balance and realize the need to stay alert.

We design classroom presentations to meet the student's needs and abilities. The faculty works with students individually. Teachers plan, evaluate and assign lessons; prepare, administer and grade tests.

The faculty is committed towards meeting some of the following objectives :

  • To offer a solid programme in the academic areas that is designed to meet the varying needs of students and prepare them for high school.

  • To offer students the opportunity to explore a wide range of different disciplines.

  • To provide structure where students can develop their community and develop leadership, responsibility and decision making ability.

  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in extra curricular areas such as drama, athletics and activities with emphasis on participation rather than competition.


  • At the plus two level, Science, Commerce, Humanities streams are available.

  • The Science Stream offers Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics with Biology/Computer Science.

  • The students can opt for Medical or Non Medical.

  • The Commerce stream offers Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics & Mathematics.

  • The Humanities group offers Political Science, History and Geography.

  • Physical Education and Home Science are offered as additional subjects in all the streams.



Computer aided learning is an integral part of education in Greenfields school. There are four computer labs in the school which cater to the needs of Primary to Sr. Secondary Department. Each lab is well equipped and has well developed software for each class and of various subjects.
A multimedia computer is also provided to pre-primary section which is used by the pre-primary teachers.
Online and Office Automation facilities are provided by the school’s computer department. Home work, assignments, attendance of students, circulars, results etc is uploaded on daily basis. This facility has brought the teachers, students and parents closer by this excellent online communication facility.

  Website – http://www.greenfieldspublicschool.com

E-Mail – info@greenfieldspublicschool.com
A unique idea of a Science Park (Middle Department.) and a Botanical Garden (Sec. & Sr. Sec. Department.) has given the students hands on experience combined with class room teaching of science. Students of the respective departments maintain their Science Park & Botanical Garden with the help of teachers. The main objective to set up Botanical Garden was to make learning of Science a personal experience. It was set up with 10+2 curriculum in mind. Plant samples correlate theory with practical.

Greenfields Public School has devised a teaching-learning process, which is a holistic approach based on integration. The institution prepares an individualized educational plan for each child, keeping in mind his/her individual needs. Besides imparting the basic education, the center gives these children an opportunity to participate in Medley of activities varying from western to classical involving mass participation of students. Activities include group dances, skits, street plays, group songs, fusion dance, Qawwali etc. Besides the cultural activities others include Art and Craft, Sports, Clay Modeling, Computer, Judo and Yoga.
• Many of these activities are introduced with the objective of helping the children pursue them in future.
The children participate in special Olympiads for different subjects i.e. Maths, Science and Social Studies. Shri. R. R. Joshi Memorial Maths Olympiad is conducted in Greenfields Public School annually.

The institution has a provision to provide counseling to children with difficult nature and / or slow learners. The Counsellor / Psychologist in the school are available to discuss the problems of the recommended cases. The sessions with the Counsellor help the students to improve. They overcome the stresses and strain of studies. (Moreover, they excel in sports or other such activities).

Special assemblies are conducted on special days to highlight its significance and to apprise the students of why the day is being observed or celebrated. Some of the special assembly days are – World Population Day, AIDS Awareness Day, Teachers Day, Grandparents Day, Human Rights Day, Quit India Day, National Integration Day to name a few. Besides, the national festivals which help children instill feelings of love and patriotism towards their country.


Most important feature of the school is BHAKTI SANGEET Competition which is held annually in the fond memory of Founder Chairman Late Shri. R. R. Joshi `Bauji’.
• Devotional music is an important part of our unique heritage and to promote and instill the feelings of reverence and love in our children. This competition was started wherein many schools of the city and surrounding areas participate.
• Running Trophy is awarded to the winner school and individual prizes are awarded to 1st –3rd position holders each in senior and junior group.


Sports in the institution are considered of great importance as they not only help in improving the personality of the child but also help in developing leadership qualities. They develop several traits of tolerance, team spirit and understanding amongst themselves. They are facilitated with games i.e. Volleyball, Badminton, Tug of War, Basket Ball, Athletics and Swimming. CBSE North Zone Volley Ball, Delhi State Tug of War Championship and Net Ball National Tournament are organized in the premises of Greenfields Public School.
• Students of the school have participate in a number of tournaments and win innumerable prizes at different state & national levels.
The institution runs Cricket Academy for the students and coaching is provided to them after the school hours.
All these activities are also carried out in our Annual Summer Camp, which is a regular feature.


Every year Academic Exhibition is organized in the school premises. Models are prepared by the students of different subjects under the guidance of teachers which are displayed on Parent Teacher Meeting Day so that parents too get a chance to witness the hidden talent and potential of the children. The Models are judged according to subjects and students are awarded.


A series of Seminars are conducted for two days every year to keep the teachers apprised and informed of the latest and to adopt new innovative approaches and techniques to develop a better understanding with regard to teacher-taught relationship. The resource persons specializing in different fields are invited to conduct seminars.
Moreover from time to time seminars and workshops are organized for students and teachers are considered an integral part of education.


To develop the habit of reading the students are encouraged to go to the school library and read books. Class library concept has been encouraged and the Annual Book Fair is organized in the school for 2-3 days and it is made accessible to parents, teachers and students. The latest relevant books and encyclopedias do become a part of our library.


Service to humanity/mankind is service to God and thus are the students encouraged to go ahead to serve the community.
• Blood Donation Camp is organized.
• Cleanliness Drive in the school and surrounding areas is carried out.
• Safety and Security Campaign is carried out for the old people in the nearby colonies.
• Rallies and Processions are carried out to spread literacy, save environment and plant more trees.
• Tahirpur Village has been adopted by the school and education is imparted to them through street plays and by raising slogans and placards.
• Tree Plantation in school and outside the premise is a regular feature on special occasions by the guests.


School believes in propagating awareness beyond the walls of school. We impart environmental education to the people of TAHIRPUR VILLAGE through street plays.



School undertakes responsibility to spread awareness among people on issues related to environment. We are lead Eco Club in North East area and around 25 private and government schools are associated. The Club has taken over the entire responsibility of both the physical and mental environment of the school. The Club believes and advocates recycling and reusing of material. Biodegradable organic wastes from Canteen and the garden are recycled into manure in Compost Pit by enzyme method. This also provides manure to the garden. Waste papers are recycled in the Paper Recycling Unit. We have Rain Water Harvesting done in the school in order to conserve water and recharge the ground. Solar Concentrator in times of energy crisis it is deemed essential to install and popularize environment friendly alternate energy options. Hence, fast cooking solar device has been installed in the school which can be used to boil, roast and fry.




Every year during the summer vacation and the autumn/winter breaks, educational tours, excursions and camps are organized for the students, not only for providing recreation but also to inculcate qualities of leadership, self-reliance, discipline and a sense of responsibility.


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