Academic Activities

PRATIBIMB: A Reflection of Indian Heritage

Social science week was celebrated by the students of the middle department to impart knowledge about the glorious history of Indian Heritage by organizing a myriad of activities. Students were gratified to visit various historical sites like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Manta and Red Fort to enhance their understanding about the architecture and history of that era. Various competitions based on Historical Character Portrayal and Social Commercial Advertisement were organized. Students donned the attires of various characters i.e. Rani Laxmi Bai, Shivaji, Akbar, Indira and many great personalities and performed with vim and vigor and brought alive the legends. The event was judged by Dr. Seema Mathur, Asstt. Professor, kalindi College and Ms. Pooja Priyamvada, Author, Columnist and Social Media Consultant.

The winners of the various events are as under:-

1.Character Portrayal (22.10.19)

1st position Namishka ( Razia Sultan) VII-D

2nd position Shubhi Verma (Rani Laxmi Bai) VII-D

3rd position Trisha Verma (Indira Gandhi) VII-C

Consolation Sushant (Shivaji) VII-D

consolation Pranav Sharma (APJ Abdul Kalam) VII-G

1.Social and commercial advertisement (22.10.19)

1st position - (Milton Lunch Box)

Krishty Bisht VII-C

Avni Tomar VII-C

Maitri Sahu VII-C

Priya kumari VII-C

Palak Chauhan VII-C

Aakash VII-C

Ashna Shahid VII-C

Mayuri VII-C

2nd position - (Traffic rules)

Tanisha Chug VII-C

Niyati Gupta VII-C

Pratika Yadav VII-C

Hitarth Chaudhary VII-C

Aryan VII-H

Divyanshu VII-H

2nd position - (Child Labour)

Aryan VII-F

Azhar Malik VII-F

Naitik VII-F

Vaishnavi VII-F

Vansh VII-F

Dhruv VII-F

3rd Position - (Anekta mein Ekta)

Prachi Maheshwari VI-D

Mannat VI-D

Aditi Slathia VI-D

Aditi Bhardwaj VI-D

Naitik Arora VI-D

Sanchit VI-D

Ishant Sharma VI-D

Consolation (Save Earth)

Krishna Sharma VII-D

Varun VII-D

Shreya VII-D

Prachi VII-D

Jatin VII-D

Prince VII-D

Kshitij VII-D

Consolation (Anti-Crackers)

Dhani VII-C

Shruti VII-C

Shrishti Raghav VII-C

Shrishty Tyagi VII-C

Aashish VII-c

Yasar VII-C

Jainesh VII-C

2.Quiz on United Nations Day

1st position

Anant Jain VII-A

Neelanjan VII-A

Vanshika VII-A

Lakshika VII-A

2nd position

Shilpi VII-G

Kritika VII-G

Kartik VII-G

Moin Khan VII-G

3rd position

Aditya Pratap Singh VII-J

Saksham VII-J

Harshit VII-J

Yash VII-J