Our Team

Greenfields Public School believes that the SOUL of a school is its faculty. The role of the teacher as a friend, philosopher and guide remains most significant. The Management of the school is strongly committed to provide the most qualified, motivated and competent teaching faculty for the students. The management has an unshakable belief that the faculty members are the pillars of the institution. Faculty development programmes, teacher training programmes, interactions with eminent teachers, guest lectures etc. are held at regular intervals to upgrade the skill sets of the teaching staff. Each member is dedicated and motivated to deliver quality education and nurture young minds with immense talents and energies into individuals of character, knowledge and wisdom.

All Staff Members




1Mrs. Prerna BarsaleyVICE PRINCIPAL
2Mrs. E. GomesP.G.T.
3Mrs. P. DuggalP.G.T.
4Mr. Manjeet SinghP.G.T.
5Mr. Pawan SinghP.G.T.
6Mrs. Alka TyagiP.G.T.
7Mrs. Yojna GargP.G.T.
8Mrs. Jyotsna AggarwalP.G.T.
9Ms. Rachna KathuriaP.G.T.
10Mrs. Alpna SrivastavaP.G.T.
11Mrs. Aruna KapurP.G.T.
12Mrs. Monica KohliP.G.T.
13Mrs. Anuradha SharmaP.G.T.
14Mrs.Suman GuptaP.G.T.
15Mrs. Durga KandpalP.G.T.
16Mrs. Subuhi KhanP.G.T.
17Mrs. Anju RawatP.G.T.
18Ms. AnchlaP.G.T.
19Mrs. Renu SharmaT.G.T.
20Mrs. Sanju SharmaT.G.T.
21Mr. Deepak SharmaT.G.T.
22Ms. Astha JainT.G.T.
23Mrs. Rupa S. RajT.G.T.
24Mrs. Shruti ChopraT.G.T.
25Mrs. Susmita Biswajit SinghT.G.T.
26Mrs. Swati KumariT.G.T.
27Mrs. Kanak JaisinghaniT.G.T.
28Mrs. Ayushi KhandelwalT.G.T.
29Mrs. Meeta GuptaT.G.T.
30Ms. Ankita SoniT.G.T.
31Ms. Khushboo VermaT.G.T.
32Mrs. Celina ThomasT.G.T.
33Mrs. Anuradha TyagiT.G.T.
34Mrs. Bharti TyagiT.G.T.
35Mrs. Smita SharmaT.G.T.
36Mr. Sushil Kumar RajputP.E.T.
37Mrs. Mamta SrivastavMusic Tr.
38Ms. Chanda RawatT.G.T.
39Mrs. Shuchi SharmaT.G.T.
40Mrs. Meenakshi GulatiT.G.T.
41Mrs. Garima SharmaT.G.T.
42Mrs. Purnima UpadhyayHead Mistress
43Mrs. Sangeeta KansalT.G.T.
44Mrs. Ruchira JainT.G.T.
45Mrs. Bindu SharmaT.G.T.
46Mrs. Kavita BajajT.G.T.
47Mrs. Meenakshi SharmaT.G.T.
48Mrs. Anjali DuttaT.G.T.
49Mrs. Subha SharmaT.G.T.
50Mrs. Alka JainT.G.T.
51Mrs. Deepika SharmaT.G.T.
52Mrs. Vibhuti SharmaT.G.T.
53Ms. Farha Bano QureshiT.G.T.
54Ms. Harshita JoshiT.G.T.
55Mrs. Nidhi VirmaniT.G.T.
56Mrs. Ghausia KhanamT.G.T.
57Mrs. Akash GandhiT.G.T.
58Mrs. Poonam TyagiT.G.T.
59Mrs. Nidhi KhaniMusic Tr.
60Mrs. Shruti Bhatnagar VermaT.G.T.
61Ms. Aakriti SharmaAsstt.Tr.
62Mrs. Kusum RanaAsstt. Tr.
63Mrs. Preeti JainAsstt. Tr.
64Mrs. Navdeep Kaur WaliaAsstt. Tr.
65Mrs. Hema AroraAsstt. Tr.
66Mrs. Chayanika MishraAsstt. Tr.
67Mrs. Harpreet KaurAsstt. Tr
68Ms. Anubha MahajanAsstt. Tr.
69Mrs. Shalini MehrotraAsstt. Tr.
70Mrs. Rashmi BasurAsstt. Tr.
71Mrs. Mansi WadhwaAsstt. Tr.
72Mrs. Reena Chand BhartiAsstt. Tr.
73Ms. Prarthna YadavAsstt. Tr.
74Mrs. Deepa BishtAsstt. Tr.
75Mrs. Pooja SharmaAsstt. Tr.
76Mrs. Ritu DubeyAsstt. Tr.
77Mrs. Poornima TomarAsstt. Tr.
78Mrs. Neha MahajanAsstt. Tr.
79Ms. Kanika BathlaAsstt. Tr.
80Ms. Ruchi JainAsstt. Tr.
81Mrs. Sakshi ChhabraAsstt. Tr.
82Mrs. Neha KalraAsstt. Tr.
83Mrs. Priya JangidAsstt. Tr.
84Mr. Anu Shekhar BhardwajAsstt. Lib.
85Mrs. Ranjeet KaurMusic Tr.
86Mrs. SantoshP.E.T.
87Mrs. Anju DhamijaNur. Tr.
88Mrs. Suman ThukralNur. Tr.
89Mrs. Pooja KatyalNur. Tr.
90Mrs. Sheetal SharmaNur. Tr.
91Mrs. Bhawna SharmaNur. Tr.
92Mrs. Vinni RaiNur. Tr.
93Mrs. Neha SinghNur.Tr.
94Mrs. Bharti RawatNur. Tr.
95Ms. Priyanka KaushikNur.Tr.
96Mrs. Radhika GulatiNur. Tr.
97Mr. Ramesh ChanderLab. Asstt.
98Mr. Ravi PrakashTabla Player
99Mr. Naresh RajputTabla Player