School Transport

Rules & Regulations


Learners must carry Identity Card issued by the school with them while travelling in the school bus.


Any damage to the school bus caused by the learners will be charged form the concerned learners.


In case of indiscipline, misconduct etc. by the learners in the school bus, the school reserves the right to cancel the bus facility.


No learner is allowed to board a bus, which is not allotted to him/her by the school.


Learners are required to reach the fetch & drop point ten minutes before the scheduled time of the bus and they should board the bus in proper queue.


Parents are expected to treat the conveyance staff with courtesy.


No learner shall enforce the bus attendant to deboard the bus prior to his/her fetch or drop point.


All the learners getting transport facility shall not be allowed even on a single day to commute on foot. However, in case the parent wants the learner not to use the transport facility, has to relieve the learner in person.


In case of change of residential address, the same must be intimated to the Transport In charge and the Class Teacher.


Change in routes and bus fetch & drop points will not be entertained during the session. Due to unforeseen circum- stances the school can change the routes and bus drop points.


It will be the sole responsibility of the parents to escort the ward to and fro to the fixed drop and fetch points.


Travelling on foot board is strictly prohibited and the learner should make sure not to protrude elbows or neck out of the window.


Bus fee shall be charged for complete 11 months.


Leaner availing the bus facility shall not be allowed to withdraw the same in mid-session. No request for withdrawal of bus facility will be entertained after 15th April.


Any suggestion and complaint should be reported to the school authority.

Guidelines for Safe Transportation of Learners using Private Vans/Motor Cabs/Omni Bus/E-Rickshaw

Parents whose ward(s) travel to the school by private Vehicle must abide by the transport guidelines given as under and ensure that:


The Cab / Taxi / Van is duly registered with Transport Department.


The Vehicle is registered and equipped with safety features including Speed Governor, GPS Device, Fire Extinguisher and a First Aid Box.


Van operator is maintaining a record of school children being ferried along with details of their parents with phone number. This data has to be shared with the police for quick action in case of an emergency.


They should know the details of the owner and drivers (Residential address/Police Verification details of the driver/ Mobile Nos (Personal and Residential both).


If the age of the learners being ferried is below 12 years, the no. of learners carried must be as per govt. norms.Overloading is strictly prohibited and 'ON SCHOOL DUTY should be clearly written on the back and front of the said vehicle.


It is desired that the parents whose ward(s) is using Private Van / Motor Cab / Omni Bus / Rickshaw to furnish a declaration cum undertaking in this regard on a stamp paper of ₹10/- attested by a Notary Public / SDM and submit the same to the class teacher within 10 days from the opening of the new session.


In case of a change of vehicle / Driver, the class teacher must be informed.