Guidelines For The Payment of School Fee


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1. Fee is to be paid for 12 calendar months as per schedule given below

Period Due date
April to June Upto 10th of April
July & August Upto 10th July
Sept. & October Upto 10th September
November & December Upto 10th November
January to March Upto 10th January
  • 2.Annual charge is a single time charge that has to be deposited along with the Fee of April.
  • 3.The parents are advised that their wards fee gets deposited on or before 10th to avoid late fee charges (Rs. 5/- per day)
  • 4. Parents should mention the name of the leaner, Admission No. Grade, Section & Telephone Number on the reverse of the Cheque.
  • 5. Brother/Sister concession Rs. 100/-is for the second child only. The form for the same must be submitted before 15th April failing which the concession may not be allowed.
  • 6. If the fee is not paid in the stipulated period of date, the learner's name will be struck off from the school rolls. Re- admission, if granted by the Principal, will be made on payment of 500/-.
  • 7. Leaners of Grade X & XII must clear all the dues on or before 10th January.
  • 8. The leaners have to pay the transport fee of 11 months only and no transport fee shall be charged for the month of June.
  • No parent will be allowed to withdraw his transport fee during the ongoing session.

  • 9. The parents have to pay full transport fee during the preparatory leaves of X and XII leaners.
  • 10. Transport facility will be withdrawn on non-payment of the fee.
  • 11. Learners who wish to withdraw from ARC have to give an application in the month of March. ARC once opted shall not be allowed to withdraw during the ongoing session i.e. Before the month of March of the next session.
  • 12. The school HR office shall remain open during the Summer, Autumn and Winter vacation. Payment of the fee shall be open throughout the year.

Withdrawal Payment

Parent desirous of withdrawing his / her ward or transfer or any other reason should give a clear one month's notice in writing before withdrawal of his/her ward from the school, failing which one month's fee will be charged in lieu thereof.

No T.C. shall be issued unless all the dues have been cleared. The office requires minimum seven working days to complete the formalities and prepare the School Leaving Certificate. Duplicate T.C. can only be issued after submission of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper that the same has been lost and against a payment of 100/-. Caution money must be withdrawn within three months of taking the T.C. failing which it is liable to be forfeited.